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How to Go Beyond Nudge and Competition Tactics in Employee Engagement: an Open Discussion

When it comes to engagement, whether we’re focused on employees or other stakeholders, we tend to think in terms of catalyzing change through nudging, shifting, incentivizing, gaming, challenges, commitments and competing. But do these tactics and strategies truly enable us to meet our goals? Are we focused on engaging, persuading or mobilizing? What are the differences, and why does this matter for our ultimate success? How do we measure a successful engagement program? This interactive session takes a deep dive into the current state of play when it comes to engagement, insight and mobilization, and invites us to think differently and radically about our work. Mapping the current trends — social marketing, gaming, design thinking, teams and leaders, challenges and so forth — we will look at emerging innovative approaches to what may be called “real engagement.” This approach is based on emerging case studies across private and public sectors, includes incorporating listening, conversation, interactivity, and most importantly, positioning our target audiences as stakeholders, collaborators and co-creators. This approach to engagement can build effectively on our current engagement approaches, if we know the right tools. This session will involve short presentations, experiential activities and ample space for discussion and collaborative discovery. Participants will learn the following:

– The dominant approaches to engagement, and their strengths and limitations
– A map to guide our thinking for assessing the most effective and powerful engagement strategies
– A set of new conceptual tools for designing engagement programs
– New ideas that can be applied immediately to any level of engagement
– New concepts in psychosocial research and insights directly applied to engagement
– Opportunity to workshop new ideas


LOCATIONDockside Room


DATE:June 3, 2015


TIME:9:15 am - 10:15 am


Renee Lertzman PhD
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