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Storytelling and the Language of Sustainability: Tactics and Tools for Scalable Customer Engagement

We are entering an era in which it is increasingly difficult to speak of a ‘mainstream consumer’ – instead, this post-mainstream world can be analyzed through a growing number of distinct social clusters. As if that didn’t introduce enough complexity in the marketplace, on top of it sits yet another complication – by many signs and measures, there remains a deeply-felt need for simplifying or ‘translating’ complex sustainability language to customers. So given that most people don’t have the time or interest to listen, and that they fall in a number of camps, how can one engage them effectively on sustainability? Join this session to learn how to frame your storytelling strategy, how to craft a motivating narrative, and how to iterate with minimum downside going forward. This session's speaker is Freya Williams, EVP, BUSINESS + SOCIAL PURPOSE, EDELMAN




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