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How Sustainable Portfolios Can Outperform Traditional Investing

How sustainable is your portfolio? How about your 401(k) choices? Is your investing aligned with building a better world? For most investors, the answer is not really. Overall, 80% of the S&P 500 stock market valuation is driven by factors that are not accurately captured and valued on financial statements – like people (human capital), natural resources (ecological capital) and trust (social capital).

This webinar will show how leading investment analysts and fund managers invest in sustainably-focused companies, which can lower risk and enhance potential financial returns for investment portfolios -- and create net benefit for society. 

This is a preview of Paul Herman's session at New Metrics '14, three days of in-depth discussion with visionary leaders who are examining leading-edge work that expands the way business creates, quantifies and manages the value it delivers through the metrics it adopts, coming up this September.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how Nobel-Prize winning financial theory may be outdated
  • Learn how leading investment managers and analysts build sustainable portfolios
  • Explore how your company can attract investors seeking impact
  • See how your portfolio, and your 401k, can become more sustainable
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