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Measuring Culture Change: Understanding Cultural and Systems-change Dimensions within Companies

In complex social systems, organizational culture is consistently found to be one of the top two leverage points for driving sustainable change. For most leaders, culture is too subjective and intangible to measure, For a brand to be a leader in the next economy, the ability to identify and measure healthy cultural dynamics is crucial. Cultural capital, or the presence of innovative, resilient cultures that connect meaning and purpose with strategy and business is the competitive advantage today.  Every system is perfectly designed for its current results, and fully integrated sustainable brands have a whole different set of values embedded deep in their culture. They also have a higher level of consciousness about how those values drive creativity, innovation, resilience and performance. In this interactive workshop, we’ll look at research from organizational psychology as well as leading sustainable brands to understand the power of values in supporting enterprise health. Join this session to: learn the tools to measure organizational culture, and the shifts that will support you strategy, engage employees, and fuel innovation; explore the link between values, strategy and organizational culture, and learn how leaders have used the power of values to create a fully integrated, innovative market strategy; and understand how to identify and surface the implicit values that are driving the current behaviors in the organization, and make explicit the desired values that will drive new direction and support deep shift in the organization’s strategy.


Pam Wilhelms, Social architect, Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach, Wilhelms Consulting Group

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