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Only the Best is Good Enough: Raising the Bar through a New Net Positive Commitment Coupled with Social and Environmental P&L Analysis

When it comes to setting ambitious sustainability targets in both environmental and social dimensions, few brands, if any, are more forward-looking and systems-thinking than Brazilian cosmetics company Natura. The company is quickly becoming a globally-known superstar in the space and a unique posterchild for a combination of measurement achievements: Natura is the largest company to become a B Corp, as well as the first publicly-traded one to do; it has set a business strategy hinging on Net Positive contributions to society and the environment; and it has also geared up to release the results of BOTH environmental AND social P&L analysis a la Kering. This talk will share the latest specific results on all these fronts and reveal what tangible actions and multi-stakeholder value said results are leading to.


Luciana Villa Nova, Sustainability Manager, Natura

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