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Surviving a Seismic Shift in Employee Attitudes: How HR, Sustainability and Company Leaders Can Partner to Embed Purpose throughout an Organization - Rosie Warin, Global Tolerance

Evidence shows that people now expect their careers to have a positive impact on the world more than ever before. Employees want the companies they work for to embrace sustainability values and have a clear purpose beyond profit. This trend is particularly strong among Millennials, the majority of whom prefer to work for a company that makes a difference to the world. Increasingly, people aren’t content with CSR initiatives delivered by another department, seeking positive social change as an integrated part of most, if not all, positions in a company. This presents a huge challenge to HR departments in organisations that don’t have a natural social or environmental calling. In turn, such companies often struggle to attract and retain the best talent, particularly among Millennials. In other words, HR and CSR are becoming inextricably entwined and this merged force can form a core part of long-term business strategy. This session will explore how HR departments, CSR departments and company leaders can work together to adapt and survive in the face of this seismic shift in employee attitudes.

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