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Promising Growth Models Based on Innovative Sharing and Cooperation

Over 80% of all web referrals are controlled by just two companies -- Facebook and Google. Let that sink in for a moment. There are many serious implications of this powerful web duopoly. What's relevant to sustainability marketers is that the days of fast and cheap online customer acquisition for products and services of all types, but especially new ones, are over. The bar is higher. New tactics are required. The one constant is that customers' expectations keep rising. But don't panic. With every crisis, there is opportunity.

This panel takes you into the battle for new customers with entrepreneurs and experts on the front lines. Learn how innovative brands are achieving sustainable growth by enabling customers to share knowledge, used goods, and even of ownership and control of the enterprise. What's just getting underway is a newfangled, multi-faceted pivot to community that will empower or destroy your business depending on which side of the change you're on. Branded online marketplaces, platform cooperatives, and the blockchain are all part of this pivot.

Peter ter Weeme, EVP, Purpose and Brand Citizenship, Elevator

Neal Gorenflo, Executive Director, Shareable

Adam Broadway, CEO, Platform-OS / Near Me Marketplaces

Dori Graff, Co-Founder & CMO, Kidizen

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