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Embedding Sustainability in Product Development Decisions - Systematically

This webinar provides an introduction to principles underlying an emerging best practice in product development portfolio management: a metrics-driven, collaborative approach to integrating sustainability in early-stage product development decisions as an organic part of prioritizing which new products, features, functions, packaging improvements, or services will be brought to market.

The webinar also explores an analytics tool called Brand Impact Analysis (with integrated sustainability scoring) that automates part of this process and helps facilitate rapid internal consensus and clarity on product development priorities.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to strengthen alignment between product strategy, brand strategy, and sustainability performance to produce better business outcomes
  • Gain insights on how to put and keep sustainability criteria on the same playing field with other customer experience considerations, competitive advantage requirements, and resource allocation decisions
  • See how to integrate, accelerate and simplify early-stage sustainability assessments before product development projects are approved for commercialization
  • Hear how this approach influenced the new or expanded programs and services that Sustainable Brands will be bringing you as members of the global SB community

Steven Cristol, Founder/Managing Partner, Strategic Harmony Partners
Marie Perriard, Director of Global Brand and Corporate Communications, Sustainable Brands

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