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Beyond Eco-Babble: Changing the Conversation around Social Good

The conversation around sustainability has become worthy, noble, and outright boring to the majority of the world. Traditional approaches to talking about sustainability are no longer the way to connect with the world’s increasingly socially conscious consumers—whom we call ‘Generation World’™. Young & Rubicam Group/INSPIRE recent global research reveals that Generation World represents 29% of consumers globally. Not only are they a receptive audience to new messages around sustainability, but will also purchase from brands which have a meaningful purpose.

In this webinar you will meet Generation World and hear key insights into how your brand can best reach them; you will learn about paths to Meaningful Purpose based on the world’s largest study of brands, BrandAsset®Valuator (BAV) from the Young & Rubicam Group; and you will also learn how your brand can embrace Meaningful Purpose.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn why the current sustainability conversation is broken and how it needs to change
  • Gain insight into Generation World, a powerful global vanguard of socially conscious consumers identified through Young & Rubicam INSPIRE’s proprietary research and BAV™
  • Learn the principles for becoming a brand with Meaningful Purpose in order to stay relevant to the Generation World target market and drive commercial value
  • Featuring

  • Trish Wheaton Managing Partner Y&R Advertising; Founder/President YRG INSPIRE
  • Anna Blender Brand Strategist BAV Consulting
  • This webinar was provided through the support of:

    Learn more about YRG INSPIRE here!

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