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WhereGoodGrows: Promoting Sustainability in ever more Collaborative and Accountable Ways

In a world facing massive change, we need to take drastic measures; we need to be more generous and we need to be more collaborative. To this end, the author of Goodvertising and his team have created another world first: an Idea Sharing Market. As an uploader to WhereGoodGrows you can choose to allow your work to be recreated through the SharedGood License. This allows you to recreate or reimagine your work in markets around the world and share communication strategies that have proven successful. Taking water scarcity as an example, consider a certain campaign built around saving water in the shower – why shouldn't we share that thinking with other countries around the world? If it worked, and people really started to save water, wouldn't we want that change to take root further and further afield?

Our speaker's latest work promises rapid progress in promoting sustainability in creative, responsible and accountable ways, making a sustainable lifestyle the norm. This is at the very heart of whatWhereGoodGrows wishes to achieve, as an archive and through theSharedGood License.

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