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Million Acts of Blue: A Toolkit For A Plastic-Free Future

Greenpeace is calling on people around the world to create a “Million Acts of Blue” — actions to push retailers, corporations and businesses to reduce single-use plastic. The organization notes that it is going to take commitments both large and small to tackle the scale of the current plastic pollution crisis, and we all have a role to play. Every action to reduce single-use plastics sends a message to the industry that it’s time to change.

This complete toolkit details seven actions consumers can take to educate themselves, influence their local communities and businesses, lobby for the cause and more, along with supporting documents, presentations and creative materials.

  1. Learn, share and join
  2. Send a letter to the editor
  3. Help create plastic-free supermarkets
  4. Get restaurants and cafes to ditch single-use plastics
  5. Lobby for a single-use plastic ban
  6. Organize a community clean-up and brand audit
  7. Start a Plastic-Free Future community group

Learn more about Greenpeace’s efforts and the #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement.

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