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Circular Economy Design Innovation - William McDonough

In this 5-minute video, famed architect, designer and thought leader William McDonough discusses design innovation as a core aspect of the circular economy.

“The circular economy is an economic system that is an innovation engine that puts the 're-' back into resources. It allows for continuous benefit to be provided to all generations by the reuse of things, of material, energy, water, [etc.]” McDonough says.

“This is the largest business opportunity ever seen by our species,” he adds.

McDonough provides brief overviews of biological and technical nutrient cycles as well as circular economy design in practice. He concludes with recommendations for leaders, explaining how “executives can work from their values to create value.”

This video was produced as part of a series on the circular economy by the World Economic Forum, which also featured:

For more insights on the shift to circular models, check out our series of Sustainable Brands "fireside chats" with William McDonough, where the visionary architect and designer discusses the pivotal role of Cradle to Cradle thinking in the marketplace, along with case studies, applications, misconceptions and new developments in the field.

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