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Circular Systems and Network Innovation - Patrick Wiedmann

In this 6-minute video, Patrick Wiedemann, the Chief Executive Officer of Germany-based Reverse Logistics Group, discusses how the global economy can use the ‘reverse cycle’ to close material loops. He shares his perspective on reverse logistics, and the need for supply chain innovation.

“Changing business models … will create a total new dynamic out in the market and create an enormous need for reverse processes,” Weidmann says.

Weidemann provides brief overviews of reverse logistics as they relate to a circular economy, asset tracking for service business models, and achieving scale. He concludes with recommendations for leaders, explaining that manufacturers must start to recognize the value of and opportunities presented by collecting returns and products after use.

“Reverse works differently,” he adds. “Structure your process outside of your forward processes, and then see where are the interconnections that you need to build it up.”

This video was produced as part of a series on the circular economy by the World Economic Forum, which also featured:

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