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Upcycling - Arthur Huang

In this 7-minute video, Arthur Huang, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of closed-loop material innovation company MiniWiz, discusses 'upcycling' - the reusing of products or materials to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

“Only in the last hundred years have we forgot about this way of efficiently using material,” Huang says, providing historical examples of upcycling in the Roman empire and China.

Huang provides brief overviews of an e-waste upcycling case study and how people overestimate the risks of using waste as resources. He concludes with recommendations for leaders, explaining how using recycled materials is cheaper and uses less energy than ‘virgin’ materials.

“The supply of trash is growing by 70 percent a year,” he says. “So just imagine: you have a raw material supply source that’s potentially going to keep growing, keep growing, keep growing. I don’t see how you can increase costs; you’re going to have lower and lower costs in the long run.”

This video was produced as part of a series on the circular economy by the World Economic Forum, which also featured:

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