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5 Tips to Avoid the Deadly Sins of Marketing

Trying to tell a great story but getting stuck? Perhaps you've been unwittingly committing one or more of the Deadly Sins of Marketing! Listen to Free Range's presentation to learn five strategies for avoiding these common pitfalls.

Why should I attend?

As communicators for cause-driven brands, you're already well positioned to tell stories that inspire your audience to action and create positive change. For decades, however, marketing stories have frequently preyed on people's insecurities and treated them like helpless damsels. Even the most seasoned experts must be vigilant to recognize these techniques and create empowering alternatives.

What will I learn?

In this webcast you'll see examples of brand stories that commit each of the five marketing sins. You'll practice identifying these sins through an exercise in small breakout groups. You'll learn techniques to minimize or remedy sinful marketing stories. And, you'll come away with free tools to help you evaluate and begin re-crafting your brand story.

Free Downloads:

Winning the Story Wars Preview Booklet (25 Pages)
Tip: Useful highlights from our book on the advantages of story-based brands 

Story Definition (1 Page)
Tip: Great for starting a dialogue with colleagues and other brand communicators

Empowerment Storytelling (1 Page)
Tip: Helpful for broaching the subject of improving your brand story

History of Storytelling (1 Page)
Tip: Shows why marketers must master ancient storytelling skills via modern media

Storytelling Training
Introduction to Breakthrough Storytelling is a results oriented and highly engaging e-Workshop for leaders and communicators. Learn Free Range's storytelling methods to create emotionally compelling brand stories and media hits like The Story of Stuff (over 30 million views).
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