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Avoiding Anguish: Tips & Tricks for Steering Clear of False Advertising Allegations

False advertising class action lawsuits have flooded the courts in the past few years, and many companies and brands have paid the price for inaccurate representations of their offerings. More and more cases center around products boasting "green" properties, including environmental or nutritional benefits such as the lack of dangerous or undesirable ingredients.

Join the Exemplar team in this special Sustainable Brands webinar to better understand the most common allegations; guidelines for accurately representing your product's environmental or health benefits as determined by the FTC's recently revised Green Guides; and how to avoid falling prey to the litigation feeding frenzy.

What you will learn:

  • The nuances of class action false advertising litigation
  • The types of claims that have led to false advertising lawsuits
  • The types of defenses that have been successful in false advertising lawsuits
  • Dos and Don'ts for making environmental / health claims
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