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The Future of Sustainability: Living in Nonlinear Times, featuring Sustainable Brands & Forum for the Future

How did the future change in 2017? What dynamic trends are presenting opportunities and risks for sustainable development? We believe that to survive and thrive in the future, we need to understand the trends shaping tomorrow, today. It is by understanding these dynamic areas of change, and the nonlinear ways in which they interact, that we can create strategies to effectively navigate uncertainty and to push for a sustainable future.

Extreme climate events are now commonplace – witness three hurricanes over category 4 strength in just one season. Catastrophes like the forest fires in Borneo barely make the news – they have become the ‘new normal’. And plastic pollution has been revealed to be far more pervasive than previously suspected, contaminating the water we drink, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe, everywhere on Earth.

Fortunately non-linear change can lead to positive outcomes, too. We have selected seven areas we believe are particularly dynamic now, and which present rich opportunities to develop radically more sustainable behaviour and practice, through 2018 and towards the 2020s.

Join Sally Uren, CEO of leading international sustainability non-profit, Forum for the Future, as she reveals our take on the future of sustainability and explains how you can understand the implications for your business. Nassy Avramidis of Sustainable Brands will share how these trends of the future impact what consumers are now demanding of brands, and what brands can do to deliver.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover dynamic trends that will impact the future and present opportunities for sustainable development. See how the future changed in 2017 and what we have scanned and identified as the top sustainability trends.
  • Use your new understanding of these trends to create strategies that effectively navigate today’s complex times.
  • Learn how to thrive in an uncertain world by taking a systems approach to generating positive change.
  • Understand the inside perspective of trends from the global brand community and what is driving the future economy.

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