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How to Scale Sustainability at a Global Level: Ford Motor Company's Approach

For today’s global companies, sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, environmental successes are often incremental – they happen across regions, channels and supply chains. Rather than hedging a bet on one specific area, planning for long-term success requires a strategic identification of the most promising opportunities for improvement, and committing to small but consistent change at a worldwide scale. 

Ford Motor Company is a company that clearly exemplifies this pattern. At Ford, sustainability is viewed as a blueprint – a path that needs to be committed to and then pursued, year after year. This webinar takes a deep dive into this approach, analyzing where Ford has met challenges and explaining how the company continues to map out a path forward. It also highlights key achievements, such as reducing facility CO2 emissions per vehicle. 

Participants had the opportunity to walk through real-life examples from Ford’s 2014/15 Sustainability Report, on the day that it launched.

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