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Why Doing Good Is No Longer Enough: Incorporating Your Stakeholders on Your Journey toward a Purpose-Driven Brand

In today’s world, brands with a purpose, philanthropic, or social responsibility component is the expectation, not the exception. Most C-level executives have now bought off on the concept of some degree of social impact – whether that be donating time, money, in-kind, and more. Most organizations, large and small, know how important it is to involve employees and consumers in social impact initiatives. But, the social causes employees and consumers care about are changing drastically. Catalist will discuss the results from a recent landmark study around consumer/cause affinities. In today’s charged sociopolitical culture and growing consumer personalization, how should your brand evolve your social impact commitments to better resonate with what stakeholders care about now and in the future?

What You Will Learn

  • What social causes your consumers value and why
  • How consumers want the brands they support to engage in social issues
  • How to find the right issues for your brand and why
  • How to move beyond “Good Enough” to a longer term “Integrated Purpose"
  • How other brands have accomplished Integrated Purpose and what that means for their bottom line
  • How to leverage data to move beyond one-and-done social impact partnerships

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