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The PROMISE of a Systems Approach to Sustainability

In this webinar, MIT Sloan’s Jason Jay will give an overview of the PROMISE framework, that analyzes sustainability at Personal, Relational, Organizational, Market, Institutional, Social, and Environmental levels. This framework is the basis for MIT Sloan’s systemic approach to sustainability strategy, and is the centerpiece of their Strategies for Sustainable Business executive education course, offered in March and October of 2015.

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The presentation is relevant to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of sustainability, and what it takes to establish leadership in sustainability as a company and as an individual.


What You Will Learn

  • Understand why the most significant barriers to sustainability have to do with conversations and relationships between people across organizational boundaries.
  • Understand the potential for competitive business strategies for sustainability, and where collaboration beyond the firm is essential, to advance markets and institutions.
  • Understand why a holistic approach to sustainability – with socio-economic, environmental, and even personal dimensions – is they key to success in sustainable business.


Useful Links

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