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The Curse of the Improving Economy - The Trouble and Silver Lining for Green Brands

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Shelton Group's latest Eco Pulse study found that green attitudes are gaining ground, but green purchases and behaviors are stagnant or heading south. And the economy may be the culprit. The study, which polls American consumers each year to track shifts in their attitudes, purchases and behaviors related to sustainability, found a continued shift toward more pro-environment attitudes, along with increasing concerns and feelings of eco-guilt that should (logically) be leading to more sustainable purchasing. But that's not the case. 

In this webinar, Lee Ann Head, Shelton's VP of Research & Insights, presents findings from Shelton Group's Eco Pulse study and what it means for green brands.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how consumers define companies and products as "green"
  • Identify the most important things your company can be doing to put your products in purchase consideration sets
  • Discover where your product category fits on the green product adoption curve
  • Identify overarching concerns and trends that could help (or hurt) sales
  • Find out how to better position green products in the current marketplace

Buy the full Eco Pulse 2014TM report here.

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