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How the B Corp Movement Intersects with Global Brands

The movement to use business as a force for good has never been more important than it is today. While we may be waiting a long time for government to lead on positive social and environmental change, Certified B Corporations and benefit corporations are demonstrating that the private sector can create higher quality jobs, stronger communities and a healthier environment today. With growing interest and support from public markets (including through the incorporation of DanoneWave as the largest public benefit corporation in the U.S. and their public commitment to become a Certified B Corp by 2020 as well as Laureate Education's IPO in early 2017), multi-billion dollar companies are following suit and choosing to operate their businesses with purpose and accountability. Join us to learn about the benefit corp legal form as well as the path to B Corp Certification and how you and your company can engage in this movement.

What You Will Learn:

  • How benefit corporations and the B Corp movement have grown and evolved over the last few years, including an overview of the certification process and its benefits
  • Why DanoneWave took the steps to become the largest public benefit corporation in the U.S. with a public commitment to become a Certified B Corp by 2020
  • What to expect from the work of B Lab's Multinationals & Public Markets working group, which seeks to make B Corp certification accessible and practical for multi-billion dollar brands
  • How the Sustainable Brands community is helping deliver the value of B Lab's work to leading American and global brands
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