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Corporations, Commodities, and Commitments that Count: Introducing Supply Change, a Forest Trends project

A growing number of businesses, investors, and governments are publicly committing to reverse their role in degrading the world’s critical forest ecosystems. In response, Forest Trends has convened leading environmental organizations CDPEcosystem Marketplace and World Wildlife Fund to launch a new project that codifies global progress toward these commitments. 

It’s called Supply Change, and the Supply-Change.Org website provides up-to-the-minute accounting of corporate actions on deforestation relative to public pledges. 

In this webinar commodity supply chain experts join the Supply Change team in introducing the project and findings from the inaugural report: “Corporations, Commodities and Commitments that Count”. Viewers are also privy to a walk-thru of — a transformational resource profiling nearly 250 companies with commitments to produce or procure sustainable forest-risk commodities (palm oil, soy, timber & pulp, cattle).


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Sponsored by Supply Change a Forest Trends project

What You Will Learn

This web launch answers questions such as:

  • Is there a trend in the number of companies and new commitments to reduce forest-risk commodity demand?
  • How are firms responding to investor inquiries about forest risk – and are they delivering on their promise?
  • How does civil society enable the achievement of these commitments? Could they do more?
  • To what extent do commitments rely on certification?
  • What commodities and impacts are corporations most commonly addressing in their forest-related targets – and how are the targets structured?

Learn from’s founding partners how to navigate the website to track company progress against public commitments, and use data to extract insights and conduct benchmarking.


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