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Is Your Corporate Sustainability Strategy Under Water?

The importance of water to life cannot be overstated. It’s been called nature’s most precious resource, potentially igniting conflict where borders threaten access. Civil society, government, and business all depend on consistent, reliable access to water to maintain and develop positive outcomes.
In this May 2018 webinar, Sustridge CEO Josh Prigge hosts Frank Burns, President of APANA, to present real-world applications using today’s technology to address the financial and operational impacts of managing water-related risk, efficiency and bottom-line cost. Water and its place in Corporate Sustainability Strategy — from facilities, regulatory compliance, data and key metrics, to corporate reputation and goodwill — will be discussed, along with a framework for managing water to enable sustainability-minded managers to meet present needs and ensure security for the future.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how and why water fits in the corporate sustainability conversation
  • Learn real-world, specific applications to manage water and improve ROI
  • Uncover the risks to business water can pose, and strategies for mitigating those risks

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