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5 Issues Regarding Compostable Foodservice Ware

The biggest talking point at restaurants this year is not what is on the menu, but what meals are being served with. Foodservice ware has become more of a focus in 2018 with companies choosing to take a stand against plastic straws and cities and states taking a stand against food waste. Just because regulations are forcing companies to make decisions, doesn’t mean every business is well prepared to implement a plan. This webinar will outline options for alternate foodservice ware as well as food scraps. The presentation will also speak to best practices for managing consumers, back-of-house staff and landlords before implementing organic waste programs. Finally, listeners will take away tips on additional considerations franchisees and restaurant owners must consider such as space issues and government mandates.

What You Will Learn

  • Uncover the latest trends in sustainable foodservice ware and plastic straw alternatives
  • Learn how to take part in the stand against food waste by implementing an actionable plan at your business
  • Gain insights into government mandates, food waste recycling barriers and on-site organic options

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