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2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study

Cone Communications has partnered with Echo Research to produce their second comprehensive survey of global attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around CSR.  A benchmark survey of over 10,000 consumers in 10 of the worlds largest countries by GDP measuring the perception of respondents in each country, when "corporate social responsibility" was broadly described as "companies changing their business practices and giving their support to help address the social and environmental issues the world faces today."  The report brings to light the evolution of corporate social responsibility, that the universal expectation of companies to be responsible is undeniable and that consumers are willing to contribute their dollars, time and social networks to play a role in companies' efforts to abate critical social and environmental issues.  The report summarizes three fundamental implications businesses can use for future CSR efforts: Recognize CSR's role in reputational booster for business, understand the nuances of different psychographic mindsets of global audiences, and communicate the collective return of engaging in CSR initiatives.  

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