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The China Dream Initiative

The consuming class in China is exploding, from 474 million today to 800 million in 2025. As incomes rise, use of natural resources will rise. In China, annual per-capita income is projected to rise, on average, from about $4,400 in 2010 to $12,300 in 2020. But natural limits to Earth's resources mean that consumers need to find new ways of enjoying their prosperity other than hoarding material products.

For this emerging middle class, the "China Dream" provides an alternative to the unsustainable conspicuous consumption lifestyle of the West. The China Dream is translated as "harmonious happy dream" in Chinese. It celebrates personal health and respectful relationships. It realigns personal success with "living more, not just having more."

JUCCE, an NGO accelerating the greening of China, is the central convener of a growing cross-sector and global coalition of contributors around a three-year plan to reshape social norms through branding of a new lifestyle story and to guide consumer behavior through policies.

A social movement that changes society's attitudes toward consumption requires the largest levels of collaboration of all the measures. The more types of stakeholders are required to collaborate, the harder it is to implement a change. To be successful in changing social norms, we need a collaborative vision such as China Dream and a convening platform such as JUCCCE.

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