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Closing the Loop: Risk or Reward?

Set against a backdrop of global climate change, carbon economics and resource scarcity, the intrinsically valuable materials and scrap carbon that have for so long been locked up in waste streams are now becoming highly sought after. But how are organisations reacting to this challenge, given our current linear ‘take, make, waste’ system? As businesses begin to recognise the benefits of an emerging circular economy and its ability to drive greater resource productivity, the benefits are perhaps less tangible for the waste management industry.

However, as businesses look to reduce environmental impacts and boost the bottom line by moving waste up the hierarchy, the waste supply chain is ideally placed to help them deliver on their ambitions — providing it can react fast enough to align itself as a key enabler to encourage this circularity.

To examine these issues in more depth, and sister title Local Authority Waste & Recycling (LAWR) magazine, with sponsor FCC Environment, carried out extensive market research among both waste producers (businesses) and waste-management companies to track how attitudes towards waste and smarter resource management were impacting at different points across the value chain.

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