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Eco4Biz: Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Tools To Support Business Decision-Making

Eco4Biz provides a structured overview of existing tools and approaches that are publicly available. The aim is to help companies make better-informed decisions about which tool they could apply when assessing and managing their ecosystem impacts and dependencies, in order to ultimately lower risk, and enable companies to be more competitive over time.

Eco4Biz clusters tools around two questions corporate managers might ask themselves:

  • At what scale would you like to carry out an assessment, i.e. global, landscape (including individual site and portfolio of sites), or product level?
  • What outputs would best support your decision-making, e.g. a map (including supporting reports), a quantitative value, or a score showing priority areas?

We have also indicated whether each tool is more focused on biodiversity or ecosystem services assessment.

In addition, Eco4Biz could ultimately help tool developers understand how to increase their reach and impact, by better understanding how their tool relates to others, and could be adapted or linked to each other. Such tool developer coordination could significantly encourage and accelerate the development of a common toolkit.

Finally, we hope that Eco4Biz will encourage companies to broaden their assessment beyond traditional environmental management to include ecosystem services and biodiversity. We urge companies to road-test, or simply try out, some of these tools, to start to build a stronger set of practical examples of where using such tools can help business decision-making.

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