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Emergent Economies Consumer Behavior Change Project

We live in a time of major change, for the planet and for business. These changes are both challenges and opportunities for companies and citizens who, faced with limits to natural resources and the growing consumer base, need to find new ways of producing and consuming, especially in emerging markets. If they don’t, they will be faced with uncertainty in material prices and concerns about security of supply. At the same time consumers are demanding products and services that make their health, lives, communities and environments better, not worse. 

At the same time, while the necessary responses to these changes are often formulated by institutions, it is of course people who carry them out. All of us are, as well as being citizens, also consumers, parents, voters, managers, employees, and investors, and hold countless other roles in society. For that reason, any answer to face this challenge cannot be done without considering how to influence decision making processes at the individual level. 

A focus on influencing the behavior of people represents one of the strongest possible responses to the challenges of today. In addition, companies, who also depend on the behavior of individual people, have a huge range of opportunities for influencing the behavior of their clients (either companies or end consumers), employees, and other stakeholders. 

We have decided to begin our approach to the behavior change issue by looking at B2C companies and their relations to their consumers. We aspire to be agents that help companies and brands improve their businesses and their products and services, engage with their consumers and to be recognized for this. 

We believe that this project is only the start. We know what needs to be done and are now working on the “how” – the business solutions. This is why we have established Eight Sustainability Platform and set up this project: we believe that business solutions in today’s world cannot be considered in an isolated way, whether that is locally or globally. 

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