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Environmental Footprint of Ecofiltro Water Filter: Comparative Analysis of Filtered, Bottled, & Boiled Water

Guatemala-based start-up Ecofiltro has developed a simple water filter that can provide clean drinking water. This filter, shown below, is manufactured using local artisans and potters at a low cost, thereby providing socio-economic benefits along with health benefits. Ecofiltro is interested in understanding the environmental impacts of its product as well as the two other competing technologies in Guatemala, so that it can better position itself to apply for grants from various funding organizations.

For placing first at the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) competition held at the Sustainable Brands ’12 Conference (San Diego, CA) in June 2012, Ecofiltro was offered the services of PRé North America to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) of its product. Following initial conversations with Ecofiltro staff, the LCA was expanded to include comparisons to two alternative methods of water purification (bottled water and boiled water).

This study assesses the environmental impacts of the three water purification methods, but does not examine the effectiveness of water purification and its related human-health impacts. The scope of the study is “cradle to delivery,” which includes raw material extraction through delivery to the consumer.

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