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Where Business and Brand Leaders Convene in Person

Sustainable Brands® events were founded on the belief that unleashing the best of our human ingenuity and innovation can change the shape of business, and with it, the world. Connect with professionals from different perspectives and disciplines in an optimistic, collaborative environment and create a shared vision of what is possible. Attend an upcoming event and learn more about our past events by watching video highlights.


Share your story on the SB Stage

Want to speak at a Sustainable Brands event? Know someone who would be a good fit? Nominate a speaker to speak at one of our global events today! SB speakers represent a diverse community of thought leaders ranging from the world's most admired brands accelerating change, to the pioneering social/environmental startups creating disruptive business models and the multitude of economic ecosystem partners turning ideas into action. Tell us about your latest success stories, smart solutions or brand innovations that are accelerating change. Join hundreds of leaders at one of our events and help create a shared vision of what is possible.


Upcoming Events in 2018-2019

SB'18 Sao Paulo

The Brazilian community convenes in São Paulo again this year showcasing how global and local businesses are committing to brand value creation through sustainability-led innovation. Join other thought leaders this December and learn how to position your brand for success.


SB'19 Tokyo

The SB community will gather in Tokyo in the spring of 2019 to demonstrate how companies are elevating the business case for embedding environmental and social purpose into the core of a brand. Join sustainability and brand leaders in Japan to discover ways to accelerate business success.


SB'19 Istanbul

As the country's economic, cultural and historic center, Istanbul hosts the SB community for a 7th year. Learn how business leaders are working together to solve challenges unique to emerging economies that contribute toward a sustainable future.


SB'19 Paris

The European community will convene for the first time in Paris, France to showcase how global businesses are committing to brand value creation through sustainability-led innovation. This event in Paris is yet another opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.


SB'19 Detroit

Against a backdrop of stunning economic and community revitalization, the SB Community will once again convene in Detroit, Michigan for our flagship event in June 2019. Join the global dialog about how together, through our vision for the aspirational lifestyle of the future, brands are Delivering the Good Life.


SB'19 Seoul

One of the most innovative economies in the world, South Korea will host the SB community for the first time this year. Join business leaders and sustainability practitioners in Seoul and learn about the local companies who are recognizing the business benefits of delivering better brands.



Recent Past Events

Showcase Conferences

SB Past US Events
The largest gathering of business leaders across various industries, organizational types and sizes, and corporate functions. Conferences began in 2007 in the US and have grown to over 2,000 in attendance.

Sustainable Brands 2018 Vancouver

Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit

Sustainable Brands 2014 San Diego

Sustainable Brands 2013 San Diego

Sustainable Brands 2012 San Diego

Sustainable Brands 2011 Monterey

Sustainable Brands 2010 Monterey

Global Communities

SB Past Global Events
A universally recognized home for our global community, all SB events are unique in their systems approach to sustainability. They encourage and support collaborative discussion that creates broader understanding of opportunities that lead to positive business results.

Sustainable Brands 2018 Kuala Lumpur

Sustainable Brands 2018 Bangkok

Sustainable Brands 2018 Madrid

Sustainable Brands 2018 Buenos Aires

Sustainable Brands 2018 Istanbul

Sustainable Brands 2018 Tokyo

Sustainable Brands 2017 Bangkok

Sustainable Brands 2017 Copenhagen

Sustainable Brands 2017 Kuala Lumpur

Sustainable Brands 2017 Buenos Aires

Sustainable Brands 2017 São Paulo

Sustainable Brands Leaders Journey

Sustainable Brands 2017 Madrid

Sustainable Brands 2017 Istanbul

Sustainable Brands 2017 Japan

Sustainable Brands 2016 Kuala Lumpur

Deep Dive Conversations

SB Past Deep Focus Events
For professionals at the forefront of innovation, topic focused events emphasize breakthrough research and models plus allow for in-depth conversation. Participants benefits by engaging with other business leaders about the failures and successes that are driving brands towards sustainable innovation.

New Metrics 2018

New Metrics 2017

Corporate Member Events

SB Past Deep Focus Events
Member-only meetings unite business leaders in search of the answer to one key question: How can their brand(s) prosper while leading the way to a better future. Learn more about Corporate Membership and attend an upcoming meeting.

SB'16 San Diego Member-Exclusive Events

April Member Meeting - 2016

December Member Meeting - 2015

October Member Meeting - 2015

CollaborateUp Workshop - 2015

March Member Meeting - 2015

Visit the ​SB Corporate Member Events page to see all member meetings.

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