SB Corporate Member Meeting 2011

Sustainable Brands Corporate Members are industry leaders who are united in search of the answer to one key question:  How can their brand(s) prosper by leading the way to a better future. In addition to gathering in person at the annual Sustainable Brands Conference and other SB live events, the annual corporate meeting provides an opportunity for members to connect face-to-face in an intimate small group environment to share challenges, as well as innovative solutions to meeting their goal to successfully field market leading sustainable brands.

roundtable discussionLearn more about becoming a Corporate Member and attending this event in person.

Mon-Tuesday, Dec 5-6th
Austin, TX
Member Host: Dell



Monday December 5th, LiveStrong Headquarters, East Austin

6:30 - Cocktails/Dinner -- Special Evening Kickoff Event

Enjoy a special evening of inspiration and networking at a private event hosted just for our members and advisory board by LiveStrong and Dell at LiveStrong's lovely east Austin headquarters.  After enjoying plenty of time for networking and a top flight catered meal together, we'll hear from LiveStrong's Senior Executive about their emerging agenda to extend a remarkable earned influence in the lives of cancer patients and those who love them into new forms of impact aimed at educating and supporting more sustainable lifestyles. LiveStrong's reach is remarkable and extends well beyond the classic 'green' audience to a swath of the US population that has generally not yet been reached in other ways with compelling messaging related to the benefits of sustainable living.  These efforts are sure to generate new demand for healthier, more sustainable products and services from our members, and can provide insights in to how to engage a mainstream consumer audience around the value of consumer choice editing for sustainability.


Tuesday December 6th, Dell Executive Briefing Center

8:00 – Registration and Breakfast
Individual table introductions

koann skzyniarz8:45 – Welcome and Update
KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO, Sustainable Life Media
We’ll kick off the day with a quick review of some of the more significant industry insights that have come to light for us since June, and look at areas of expected focus for 2012.

Mark Lee9:00 – The Fight For Stakeholder Confidence – Results of SustainAbility’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered Study
Mark Lee, SB Advisory, Executive Director, SustainAbility
Mark will present findings of the research study kicked off at SB’11 about emerging best practices surrounding the establishment of brand trust marks through various strategies.

10:00 – Morning Break

Kate Heiny10:30 – Member Update: Target
Kate Heiny, Group Manager, Sustainability, Target
In 2010, Target announced a four-pronged set of environmental sustainability goals involving sustainable development and operations, as well as product sourcing and guest and employee engagement. This year, the Target team has been focusing on the build out of its product sourcing and stakeholder engagement goals.  Kate will share where they are on their journey and lead a discussion about overlapping interests and learning.

11:30 – Member Update: Dell
Trisa Thompson, VP of CSR, Dell
Two of Dell’s sustainability leaders share Dell’s latest learning on the road to becoming, and attempting to remain, a global green brand leader. Topics of discussion include:  Optimizing Internal engagement -- How/why Dell has structured its efforts as it has, where they are focusing innovation efforts, where they are finding the greatest uplift in customer response to innovation, how are they thinking about and responding to various industry rankings, what are the biggest challenges they are currently responding to, and where do they see their efforts focusing in coming 18-24 months.

12:30 – Lunch, update on Corporate Member Activities for 2012

1:30 – Field Trip – Visit to Dell’s Social Media Command Center
Dell's Social Media Team
Tour Dell’s Social Media command center where stakeholder conversations related to Dell from around the world are monitored and responded to on a 24/7 basis and hear how these conversations are managed.

Sally Uren2:30 – Consumer 2020 -- Future Scenarios from Forum for the Future
Dr. Sally Uren, Deputy CEO, Forum for the Future, UK
Sally will present the findings of an 18 month study, which attempts to throw light on how mainstream consumers will be living in 2020, and critically, what and how they will be buying.  Four possible scenarios have been created, all of which show that key trends, from resource scarcity to consumer demand for transparency, have pushed sustainable consumption into the mainstream – but in very different ways.  Critically, sustainability gets mainstreamed regardless of whether consumers demand it, and regardless of high or low economic growth.  Sally will be sharing these scenarios,  the trends on which they are based – and what this all means for brands today.

3:30 – Afternoon Break

Javier Rodriguez3:45 – Member Update: Building a Brand Purpose Platform at Coke
Francisco Javier Rodriguez,  Group Director, Sustainability Strategy and Communication, The Coca-Cola Company
Javier will share a new program being launched with partners WWF and MacGillivray Films to drive awareness around global water issues:  Discussion topics include the program’s goals and metrics, and how Coke justifies cause-related spend against traditional marketing dollars.

Simon Mainwairing4:45 – The World in Transition -- On the Road from Me to We
SLM Advisory Board Member/Contributor and NY Times Best Selling Author, Simon Mainwairing, Author, We First
Simon shares highpoints of his NY Times best selling book, We First, which lays the case for the impending shift to a regenerative economy and proposes a scenario for how SB Corporate Members might collaborate to participate and create shared benefit.

5:45 – Debrief and Closing

6:30 – Transportation Provided to a Downhome Texan Dining Experience in Downtown Austin

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