SB Corporate Member Meeting 2012

Sustainable Brands Corporate Members are industry leaders who are united in search of the answer to one key question:  How can their brand(s) prosper by leading the way to a better future. In addition to gathering in person at the annual Sustainable Brands Conference and other SB live events, the annual member meeting provides an opportunity for members to connect face-to-face in an intimate, small group environment to share challenges, as well as innovative solutions to meeting their goal to successfully field market leading sustainable brands. 

For your convenience we have secured a group rate at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel. We have rooms starting at $106 per night so please be sure to book at the link provided or by calling 1-800-266-9432 before the rate expires on November 19th.

roundtable discussionLearn more about becoming a Corporate Member and attending this event in person.

Tues - Wed, Dec 11-12th
St Louis, MO

Member Host:
Nestle Purina



Tuesday December 11th

Bryan Welch6:30 - Cocktails/Dinner: Special Evening Kickoff Event at the Botanical Garden

Enjoy a special evening of inspiration and networking at a private event hosted at the St Louis Botanical Garden just for our members and advisory board.

In addition, to help us set the context for both SB'13 and our corporate member meeting the following day, we welcome special guest Bryan Welch, sustainable living visionary and author of Beautiful and Abundant

Speaker: Bryan Welch, Author, Beautiful and Abundant


Wednesday December 12th, Nestle Purina Learning Center

8:00 – Registration and Breakfast

Individual table introductions.

Koann Skrzyniarz8:45 – Welcome and Update

We will kick off the day with a quick review of some of the more significant industry insights that have come to light for us since June, and look at areas of expected focus for 2013.

Speaker: KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO, Sustainable Life Media

ryan howell

9:15 – Shifting Values and the Commensurate Shift in Sustainability Metrics: Thought Starters & Discussion

Building on top of presentations delivered at this fall's New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference at Wharton, we will discuss as a group areas which seem to offer particularly rich potential for business benefit, including human capital valuation, understanding the emerging science of human happiness, and new forms of demonstrating ROI in sustainability-related initiatives.

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Howell, San Francisco State University

Member panelists: Erin Meezan, VP Sustainability, Interface, and Robert Boller, VP Sustainability and Production, Jackson Family Wines

10:30 – Morning Break

Koann Skrzyniarz11:00 – Presentation of Member Survey Results: Innovation, Consumer Insights & Behavior Change and Facilitated Discussion

Gain a sense of where your company sits in relation to your peers through presented results from our recent member survey on current practices in innovation for sustainability, customer insight development and behavior change iniatives. Be sparked to consider what survey results say about both our current state and future opportunities as individual brands, and as a collective.

Speaker: KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO, Sustainable Life Media

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Field Trip: Tour of Nestle Purina's Headquarters and Learning Center

Explore the role your office plays in supporting (or inhibiting) the credibility of a sustainable brand via Nestle's experience planning, building and living in their newest building, the Danforth Learning Center where the meetings will be held. The building was constructed to LEED Gold criteria, includes many unique features, and has generated a variety of expected and unexpected benefits for Nestle's business and brand. You may run into some furry friends along the way, so bring your allergy medicine if you need it.

2:00 – 5:45 Overview

The following three sessions expand our evolving conversations on three big topics of significant interest: (1) methods for driving brand innovation on both a corporate and product level, (2) deepening insight into shifting consumer attitudes and purchasing behavior, and (3) strategies for driving consumers toward healthier, more sustainable consumption habits. We will have a few special guests acting as thought-starters and ideation facilitators, including design innovation guru Valerie Casey, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and founder of The Designers Accord.  Introductory presentations by our special guests will lead us into roundtable discussions focused on how to leverage our corporate member peer group, as well as the larger Sustainable Brands platform, to drive progress toward establishing sustainable brands as the solid brand leaders of the future.

Jennifer Walter

2:00 – Member Round Table: Driving Value From Sustainable Business Model and Brand Innovation

Sustainable Brands corporate members are each continuously looking to authentically innovate their brands for sustainability in new ways that deliver meaningful brand differentiation, leading to new market penetration, increased share, increased customer loyalty and sales. Hear one formal member case offering learning that can be adopted for your market, then engage in open sharing of ideas as well as experienced challenges and solutions.

Thought Starter: Jennifer Walter, Manager, Product Communications, & Packaging, Sprint and Valerie Casey, Necessary Projects


3:30 – Afternoon Break

kierstin de west3:45 – Member Round Table: Deepening Insight into Customer Attitudes and Purchasing Behavior

Building from the results of this fall's member survey, we discuss as a group what questions we should be asking but aren't, and how we might collaborate to establish a deeper understanding of what drives customers to behave more sustainably (including offering support, through purchasing, of the more sustainable brands we offer to market).

Thought Starter/Facilitator:  Kierstin De West, Ci: Conscientious Innovation

valerie casey4:45 – Where do we go from here - a Brainstorm

Where do we go from here?  Together we recount needs and potential opportunities and discuss member interest, if any, in focused collaboration on specific areas of shared benefit in 2013.

Thought Starter/Facilitator: Valerie Casey, Necessary Projects

5:45 – Closing

Where do we go from here?  Together we recount needs and potential opportunities and discuss member interest, if any, in focused collaboration on specific areas of shared benefit in 2013.

6:30 – Dinner and Drinks

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