The New Metrics of Sustainable Business

September 2014 Corporate Member Meeting

Hosted by Avery Dennison

Sustainable Brands Corporate Members are industry leaders who are united in search of the answer to one key question: How can their brand(s) prosper while leading the way to a better future. In addition to gathering in person at annual SB Conferences and other SB events, private member meetings provide an opportunity for members to connect face-to-face in an intimate, small group environment to share challenges, as well as innovative solutions to meeting their goal to successfully field market leading better brands.

This is a private event for SB Corporate Members. To learn more about becoming a member or to attend this meeting, please contact Patrick McCartan, Director of Member Development.


Meeting Overview 

In September 2013, members met to compare notes on sustainability KPIs and goal-setting, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of operating to and communicating around stretch vs. clearly achievable goals, discuss the development of a gold standard of sustainability metrics, and hear from select members some of the new ways they are measuring ROI from environmental and social impact initiatives.  Click here to view & download the report from last year's metrics meeting. 

This meeting will serve as an update to the discussion, with frank conversation about ongoing challenges in the areas of goal-setting, performance metrics, and practical tools useful in making progress on both a product level and a company level. The agenda will be supported by industry experts Andrew Winston, Author and CEO, Winston Eco-Strategies, Bob Willard, Author, Sustainability Advantage, Jason Saul, Author and CEO, Mission Measurements, and Charlene Wall-Warren, Director, Sustainability, BASF.  

We are currently shaping the discussion agenda along with our hosts, and welcome member input into topics of interest to you and/or recent learnings you would like to share with your peers.  Please send your thoughts to Zach Weismann 'at' [email protected].

Meeting Agenda 

Meeting Location Avery Dennison (see address in right side bar)

8:30am Registration / Breakfast

9:00am Welcome Remarks

KoAnn Skryzniarz, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Brands

Helen Sahi, Director of Sustainability, Avery Dennison

9:30am Goal-setting and KPIs

Andrew Winston, Author & CEO, Winston Eco-Strategies

Bob Willard, Author, Sustainability Advantage 

The day will kick off with a moderated disucssion on measuring sustainability and new sustainability standards and benchmarks. Andrew Winston will provide an overview of the current landscape of sustainability goals, drawing on PivotGoals, a searchable database of environmental, social, and governance targets set by the Fortune Global 500 companies. He will then share the results from a screening exercise testing goals in the database are science-consistent, and to what degree.

Bob Willard will introduce the latest version of The Future-Fit Business Benchmark, which aims to provide a long-overdue answer to the question, "How would we recognize a truly sustainable business if we saw one?" The Benchmark sets out a rigorous, science-based definition of what any company must do to thrive both in the near term and in an uncertain future. The result is a set of performance criteria, laid out as a manageable number of concrete KPIs.

10:30am Morning Break

10:45am Continued Discussion on Goal-setting and KPIs

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm The Social Value Scorecard and The Social Value Index

Jason SaulCEO, Mission Measurement

Jason Saul will introduce the recently-launched Social Value Scorecard and Social Value Index, which serve to identify and quantify three key insights: social value drivers of a specific industry that influence consumer demand, so a brand can know if its social impact efforts are relevant to its consumers; ratings and rankings of key competitors within an industry, so a brand can see how successfully it is using social impact to influence consumer purchase compared to its peers; estimated revenue increase, in dollars, for improving a brand's Social Value Score™. Jason's presentation, featuring a case study, will be followed by group discussion.

3:00pm Afternoon Break

3:15pm Evaluating the Sustainability Aspects of a 50,000-product Portfolio

Charlene Wall-WarrenDirector, Sustainability, BASF

Charlene Wall-Warren will share details on a new process BASF has developed for steering its product portfolio based on sustainability criteria. Aimed at helping the company's customers align environmental and societal considerations with business success, the Sustainable Solution Steering method is used to systematically review and evaluate the sustainability aspects of the approximately 50,000 relevant product applications in the company’s portfolio, representing sales of €56 billion. The benefit: This externally validated process makes it possible to measure the products’ contribution to sustainability within their various markets and industries and to increase this contribution through targeted steps. Charlene's presentation will be followed by group discussion.

4:30pm Availability and Potential Sharing of Practical Tools

5:00pm End of Program

7:30pm Dinner - Legal Sea Foods, Kendall Square


(Thursday & Friday following this meeting)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
8.30am - 5.00pm (followed by dinner) 

Avery Dennison
1700 W. Park Drive, Suite 400
Westborough, MA 01581
Casual Attire 

Royal Sonesta
Cambridge, MA 02142


Shuttle Sonesta - Avery Dennison: 7.30am
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