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September 24-26, 2014 | Boston, MA

Leading businesses are creating and valuing entirely new forms of positive environmental AND social impact as well as quantifying previously ignored costs and risks. This 3-day Sustainable Brands event in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management showcases new approaches to valuing risk and impact, explores new frontiers in setting company goals and shares new solutions in ICT and data management.

The global Sustainable Brands community first convened, and remains at the forefront, of this New Metrics conversation. The latest advances in capturing traditionally underestimated social and environmental risks throughout the value chain have been identified by inspirational multi-national brands, entrepreneurial teams and non-profit organizations who have come together as a community to create shift. Define your success in the new economy with expanded methods for measuring risk and identifying new forms of value.

Join the leading brands and businesses who are continuing to learn from remarkable thought leaders working to create a path toward smarter, more accurate and more inclusive business metrics that create value for all stakeholders. Key topics this year include:

New Approaches to Valuing Risk & Impact

  • Evolving methodologies for impact assessment in the supply chain
  • Emerging Social LCA standards
  • New studies on the value of key environmental and social risks
  • New studies on the value of key market opportunities

New Frontiers in Setting Company Goals & KPIs:

  • Making the business case and receiving executive buy-in
  • The value of human capital and HR metrics aimed at embedding sustainability throughout the organization
  • Integrated reporting: best practices and directions for improvement

New Solutions in ICT & Data Management:

  • Tools for effective visualization and interpretation of complex environmental and social data
  • Effective traceability tools
  • Evolving tools and data for evaluating chemicals

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