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New Metrics '14 Workshops


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Workshops are designed to help you accelerate change and jumpstart your understanding and knowledge based around the New Metrics that are defining how we create and measure value. These half-day sessions are being held at the Stratton Student Center at MIT and will take a deep-dive look into some of the subject's most relevant case-studies, data and strategies. Expect a wealth of hard information and uncover the latest insights that are fundamental to advancing your goals. Remember to purchase an ALL EVENT pass in order to participate in these productive work sessions. Select and attend one session in the morning and then again one in the afternoon.

Workshops are available to All-Event and Wednesday pass holders on a first come first serve basis so be sure to select your workshop attendance preference when registering to ensure your seat in these conversations.

September 24th at MIT

Morning Workshops | 9:00-12:00

The SASB Way: A Close Inside Look at Process and Progress of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Room: W20 - 407

Katie Schmitz Eulitt
Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Deb Martin
Associated Director, Stakeholder Engagement
By this point, SASB's mission -- to develop and disseminate sustainability accounting standards that help publicly-listed corporations disclose material factors in compliance with SEC requirements, thus improving corporate performance on the environmental, social, and governance issues most likely to impact value -- is well known and widely respected in sustainability circles in the US. This workshop aims to help corporate sustainability professionals understand exactly how SASB is working towards that high-level vision, by taking a close look at the organization's process and progress to date.

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The Maturation of LCA as a Basis for Sustainability Metrics across the Organization

Room: W20 - 491

Jon Dettling
Managing Director, US

Cynthia Cummis
Deputy Director, GHG Protocol

Greg Norris
Co-Director, SHINE
Harvard School of Public Health

Susan Murphy
Service Delivery Director
PE International

Elsa Olivetti
Research Scientist

Terry Swack
Founder & CEO
Sustainable Minds

Catherine Benoit
Director of Social Assessments and Strategy
New Earth
Discussions about life cycle assessment (LCA) usually center around either its tremendous promise for helping us make sense of the very complex questions posed by sustainability issues, or its occasional failure to live up to that promise - and the frustrations surrounding the resources required along with the limited issue LCA is competent to address. The sustainability community has learned a tremendous amount in recent years and one can now see a coming-of-age of LCA-based approaches that are more practical, more focused and more scientifically advanced than what was available just a few short years ago. This session will focus both on explaining these developments to the participants with a set of expert speakers, as well as offering active feedback. In particular, the session will look at how LCA has been maturing beyond its core and reliable applications, such as product carbon foot-printing, into applications that address many more types of questions with more reliable information. The themes to be presented will focus on how LCA has matured in dimensions of the subjects on which it is focused, the issues it is addressing, and the scale on which it is happening.

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A New Generation of Practical Web-based Tools for Sustainability Professionals

Room: W20 - 201 West Lounge

Daniel Aronson
In the grand scheme of things, sustainability teams -- wherever they exist -- are very recent additions to companies' formal organizational structures. As such, many of them are facing the disadvantage of no pre-existing commonly-accepted best practices or tools to use in their work. Sustainability professionals are often overwhelmed by the distance they have to cover between setting high-level goals and figuring out what specific steps they can take to make meaningful progress. This workshop, led by a thought leader with a few decades of experience in the field, former Leader of the Sustainability Transformation & Sustainability Strategy practice at Deloitte, will reveal a new wave of practical tools aiming to help automate common sustainability-team workflows.

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Afternoon Workshops | 1:30-4:30

The Art of Assigning Specific Dollar Values to Previously Ignored Impacts: Shadow Pricing, SROI, and More

Room: W20 - 407

Bea Boccalandro

Tom Gosselin
Sustainability Director
DNV GL Sustainability Advisory Services

Libby Bernick
Senior Vice President, North America

Emilio Tenuta
VP Corporate Sustainability
Valuing key environmental and social impacts in monetary terms – in attempts to arrive at the full picture of true benefits and costs involved – remains both a big opportunity and a tough challenge for corporate sustainability executives. If done in a compelling way and backed by quality data, this emerging 'art' has the potential to revolutionize many business incentives and ROI models in favor of more complete and accurate valuation practices. Join this workshop to hear leading experts present the latest advances in assigning dollar values to previously-unaccounted-for sustainability impacts. Both environmental (emphasis on carbon, water and waste) and social impacts will be covered.

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Practical Models for Effective Employee Engagement in Support of Evolving Sustainability Agendas

Room: W20 - 201 West Lounge

Susan Hunt Stevens
Founder & CEO

Stephanie Bertels
Director of the Embedding Sustainability Working Group
Network for Business Sustainability
The intersection of sustainability programs and employee engagement is a critical component of any company's sustainability or CSR agenda. So much work is being done and demanded at this intersection that we can confidently say it is one of the few hottest topics – if not THE hottest one – in the global Sustainable Brands community this year. This workshop will piece together a compilation of best-in-class approaches to effective employee engagement to date, highlighting practical conceptual frameworks, tools and case studies that are proving especially valuable.

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Taking Sustainability Literally: An Introduction to Context-Based Sustainability

Room: W11 - 190

Mark McElroy
Founder & Executive Director
Center for Sustainable Organizations

Jeff Gowdy
Adjunct Professor of Management
Vanderbilt University
Back by popular demand, this workshop will introduce attendees to the practice of context-based sustainability (CBS) – a cutting-edge approach to measurement, management and reporting that interprets performance relative to social and ecological thresholds. Speakers will examine the stakeholder-centric orientation of CBS, its focus on multiple capitals, its grounding in science- and norm-based standards, as well as its practical implications for materiality, goal setting, and reporting. Notable case studies in CBS and its growing influence in international standards (GRI, IIRC, GISR, etc.) will also be discussed.

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