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Who Attended New Metrics '14

#NewMetrics '14 brought a diverse group of forward-thinking leaders to the table and included everyone from sustainability teams, financial analysts and supply chain managers to IT execs and brand strategists alike, who where all there with one common purpose; to uncover new ways to report and measure the success of sustainability practices. Continue scrolling below for just a sample of those who joined us this year:

..plus many more!

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Who Should Attend New Metrics '14

Forward-looking executives willing to discover how to apply new macro-trend indicators, how much to worry about key emerging issues, and how to prioritize actions toward future-proofing their companies

Sustainability teams trying to determine what goals to set, how to measure success, how to create state-of-the-art integrated reports, and how to demonstrate the benefits of sustainability initiatives to senior executives and the rest of the organization

Supply chain managers looking to equip themselves with the latest and most effective approaches to tracking the full spectrum of upstream risks and impacts, with as much attention devoted to social issues as to environmental ones

Financial analysts and investors struggling to make sense of a variety of corporate reporting standards, a sea of ESG performance ratings and rankings, and an exploding ecosystem of relevant data analyses

HR professionals interested in analyzing human capital more accurately and turning sustainable practices into organizational norms through new forms of recruiting, compensation, training and overall engagement

IT executives and data management specialists curious to learn about new solutions for effective mining, visualization and interpretation of complex sustainability data, along with opportunities presented by the nascent personal data economy

Brand strategists and communication experts in search of new intelligence on the evolution of metrics for trust, reputation and 'green' brand value, on a quest to embedding purpose more deeply into their brands

Product-level innovators and designers in need of evidence for the value of sustainability- driven optimization of materials, as well as new tools for embedding crucial sustainability considerations at the front end of the innovation process

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Who is coming to New Metrics '14