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SB'12:  The Revolution Will Be Branded

In the midst of a revolution spurred by almost sudden awareness of the systemic issues facing society, our global economies, and the planet today, sustainable brand leaders are stepping up to serve as platforms for purpose. They are helping to redefine value and align a multitude of stakeholders and resources around solutions to some of our most pressing social and environmental issues.  SB'12 will explore the role brands are and must play in helping steer us toward sustainable consumption and a sustainable economy by rallying consumers and other stakeholders around a shared purpose and a shared vision of a flourishing future. We'll discuss the strategies and tools being deployed to create business benefit by bringing sustainable solutions to market, and we will work together in co-creative conversation to brainstorm new ideas for collaborating to hasten and scale solutions that will help the shift to a sustainable and just economy.

Read Below for Regular Updates as SB'12 Planning Swings into Full Steam Ahead

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What SB Attendees Say

“Sustainable Brands is my new favorite conference ”
—Jim Hanna, Starbucks