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SB Innovation Open 2013

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Billy Parish, President of Mosaic

Target presents the SB Innovation Open 2013 to catalyze the progress and impact of the next generation of better brands. These are the startups who, given the right support and exposure, can contribute to a flourishing future economically, socially and environmentally. Our semi-finalists benefitted from a week of introductions to influential brands, minds, experts and designers at the Sustainable Brands Conference and Expo.

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Watch the final 4 pitches and see who won


Introducing the 2013 Semi-Finalists

Join us at SB'13 to meet these finalists at the expo and watch them pitch to our judges.

Amplify, Inc.

Back to the Roots

Blue Box

Amplify, Inc. translates policy research and reform agendas into social change using our three-part product: 1) outcome data and 2) digital storytelling 3) strategically coordinated with grassroots advocacy movements. We merge the complementary persuasion powers of cost-benefit analysis and digital media technology to create a more just and sustainable society.


Back to the Roots makes grow-your-own food tools to educate and inspire kids and adults to learn where food comes from and why it is important. Both the Mushroom Garden and Home Aquaponics Garden encourage families to grow their own healthy food sustainably.


Blue Box is a breakthrough innovation for cleaning industrial systems that reduces downtime by half, reduces the use of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste streams by 90%+, as well as to significantly reduce energy consumption. By re-thinking and innovating how companies are able to clean their industrial equipment, Blue Box is transforming how companies can improve their operations and is redefining what it means to be sustainable.









Efficiency Exchange



ECOPLAS®, the first “Fair for Life” certified bio-plastic in the world, is a resin made from tapioca, an abundant and sustainable non GMO resource grown only in the tropics. Applications for ECOPLAS® include an array of products such as shopping bags, clothes hangers and cutlery.


At Efficiency Exchange, we're building a better way to improve the efficiency and sustainability of global supply chains. With modern web technology and customized experiences for everyone in the chain, EEx is building a practical, scalable solution to today's sustainability challenges.


Fenugreen is taking on the massive global challenge of food waste with its simple FreshPaper innovation (25% of the world’s food supply is lost to spoilage, resulting in massive energy and resource waste). Low-cost, compostable, and infused only with organic spices, FreshPaper keeps produce fresh 2-4 times longer.


Isidore Electronics Recycling



Isidore is an electronics recycling company that serves as an on-the-job training and employment program for previously incarcerated people in Los Angeles.


With offshore manufacturing, brands have lost critical visibility into supply chain factories—but when workers are abused, they’re still liable. LaborVoices gathers real-time information on working conditions in overseas factories, directly from workers’ mobile phones. LaborVoices helps brands and workers collaborate with suppliers to reduce the risks of noncompliance.


Wasteful printing is everywhere, from the article that prints with useless ads and comments to the spreadsheet with its last column bleeding onto a new page. PrintEco is a plug-in for Microsoft Office and Web browsers that uses innovative formatting algorithms to print efficiently, saving paper and ink, automatically.



Refrigerant Revolution® by EOS Climate


re:char helps smallholder farmers in East Africa to grow more food and fight climate change. We have developed a low-cost kiln to convert agricultural waste (corn cobs, stalks etc) into biochar, a carbon-negative fertilizer. Using biochar, our customers grow 144% more food and earn $200 of additional income each year.


Refrigerant Revolution® is a multi-sector stewardship empowering leading organizations to manage refrigerants throughout their full life cycle, generating economic and environmental value at a global scale.


Starting in Haiti with plastic, Thread transforms trash in the poorest countries into jobs for the poor and exportable, useful stuff consumers love.



PlanetReuse MarketPlace pitching at SB Innovation Open 2012The Timeline

  • June 4: The pitch! The semi-finalists will pitch their ideas to our panel of judges and Expo audience. This is followed by one-on-one meetings with each of the judges.
  • June 5: Four finalists will be selected to pitch on the main stage to our full audience. This is also broadcast live around the world through our livestream and recorded to forever capture and share your message.
  • The runner-up will be chosen by an online live vote and be awarded the SB People's Choice Award.
  • The overall winner will be selected by the judges and awarded their prizes on stage.
  • Celebrations and commiserations ensue along with all of the regular networking that goes on throughout SB'13.



The PrizesPhilip Wilson, ecofiltro, Overall Innovation Open winner 2012


  • A full conference pass to SB'13
  • Booth space for 3 days at the Sustainable Brands '13 Expo.
  • 1 Expo Staff Pass if you want to bring a team member to man your booth
  • Public pitch to the expo audience
  • Promotion leading up to the conference through SB News & Views
  • One on one time with our expert panel of judges
  • A week's worth of networking opportunities
  • Company description published in conference event guide which is given to each conference attendee

For 4 Finalists [selected at SB'13 by our judges]

  • Public pitch to the full SB'13 Conference audience on the main stage, broadcast worldwide through our livestream
  • Recording of the pitch for future sharing which will live forever in our online video library and YouTube channel

For the Overall Winner

  • $5000 cheque presented by Target
  • Access to Fenton's creative program process called Active Idea™. Fenton is a social change communications agency that uses the power of stories, media and technology to make the world a better place.
  • Exemplar will award one month of access to Flexpertise® which provides executives access to professionals in 3 business units -- law, business & capital -- for brainstorming, strategizing and document review
  • A full conference pass to SB'14
  • Future promotion through SB News & Views
  • These prizes have a total value of $30,000!



The Judges

Kate Heiny, Manager of Sustainability, Target
Olivia Khalili, Senior Partnerships Manager, Ashoka's Changemakers
Eli Rabek, Partnerships Manager, YouNoodle
Stuart Rudick, Founding Partner, Mindful Investors
Bryan Sheehan, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Pure Strategies
Sandy Skees, SVP-Sustainability/CSR Fenton
KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO/Founder, Sustainable Brands
Andrew Winston, Founder, Winston Eco-Strategies
Ory Zik, Founder & CEO, Energy Points



Bike & Park, Winner's of the People's Choice Award 2012How to Win



In delivering environmental or social benefit, coupled with identified impact metrics (for example, "our business innovation helps customers lower their carbon footprint by XX% compared to the product we're disrupting", or "our innovation will help customers increase savings by XX% and keep their money local, leading to more stable local economies.")

Team quality

Particularly as it relates to demonstrated track record and understanding of systemic issues of sustainability

Economic scalability

Growth and impact potential

Above and Beyond

Bonus points for disruptive innovation. The idea has approached the issue from a new perspective and is offering a solution that will truly shift the market as we know it.



Example Pitches from SBIO 2012



PlanetReuse Marketplace



Overall Winner 2012

"An online marketplace that is revolutionizing solar by connecting people to profitable solar investments."


"The place to shop green, interesting and save online for reclaimed residential building materials."


"The most effective and sustainable way to bring clean drinking water to all people on the planet."


Billy Parish, President, Mosaic


Nathan Benjamin, Founder + Partner, PlanetReuse Marketplace
Willow Lundgren, Partner + Chief Strategy Officer, PlanetReuse Marketplace


Philip Wilson, CEO + Co-Owner, ecofiltro



Interested in being involved with this year's SBIO? Contact Ben Pawsey, [email protected] / 415.626.2212 if you are interested in participating, sponsoring or promoting the event.

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