SB'14 Mobile App

SB'14 Mobile App

Registered for the SB'14 San Diego or The Activation Hub? Now, download the SB'14 App!

Now that you're registered for SB'14 San Diego or The Activation Hub you've most likely been introduced to our SB'14 App. Real-time event details at your fingertips. Connect with other attendees, create your personal schedule, navigate the expo, and much more! Available for all smartphones and tablets

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To log in, simply type in your app registration code and either the email address or name you registered with. Then click on "Login" to access the app. Only logged in users can access to functions such as the attendees list, the request to share contacts, bookmark sessions, etc.

* Note: the app registration code was sent to your email address from CrowdCompass; it is different from the one you received when you registered for the conference


Don't have your registration code?

Click "retrieve it here" (below the Log in button) to request that your registration code be sent to your email.

Profile Setup

Click on photo icon on the top right of screen next to All Event icon to setup your profile. You can either fill out your information or retrieve your information by connecting with your social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

Do not forget to click Save Changes button after making changes to your profile.




You can view schedule of the main program schedule, activation hub and special events by simply clicking on each item listed on the schedule page.


Click on the Main Program icon to see all sessions by date and time.

main program

Click on a specific session to see session detail. In each session detail, you can add a note, bookmark a session, set up a reminder and share photos. To view each session location, simply click on the pin icon.

session detail




View speakers by name or your bookmarked speakers.


Click on speakers by Name to view all speakers listed by name.

sponsors list

Click on a specific speaker to view their profile. You can bookmark speakers to have them listed under Bookmarked Speakers.

speaker profile




View a list of attendees.

Please note that only logged in user will be able to access this function.


Click on any attendee to view their profile. By default, each attendee profile will is set as private, you can request their information by clicking the icon below their name.

attendee profile




View our sponsors list.


Click on Sponsors by Name to view all sponsors listed by name.

sponsors list

Click on a specific sponsor to view their profile. You can add a note and bookmark the sponsor to have them listed under Bookmarked Sponsors.

sponsor profile




View Activation Hub map, GEO map, Resort map and the Conference Center map


Click on a specific map to view map in details.

map detail

Click on a pin icon on the map to view activities that will take place in that location.





You can search for any sessions, speakers and speakers by simply clicking on search icon and enter a keyword.




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