New Metrics '11

2011 Recap

As the definition of value continues to evolve, the demand for business to demonstrate its ability to create value of various forms for all stakeholders - rather than simply profit for shareholders - is increasing, and the question of how this value is identified, measured and communicated becomes paramount. 

Beginning with a step back to ask ourselves, What is the point of business and economics anyway? - this 2-day, in-depth discussion with some of sustainability's top strategists  examined leading-edge work that is expanding the way business creates, quantifies, and manages the value it delivers through the metrics it adopts.

Key topics explored included:

  • How society is beginning to redefine value in the 21st century and what this means for business
  • Breakthrough research and models for measuring the ROI of sustainability efforts
  • Standardizing sustainability context
  • Incentivizing and maximizing employee engagement and well-being and quantifying the value of same
  • Tying environmental and social initiatives to enhanced shareholder value
  • The valuation of ecosystem services
  • The growing role of materiality in how companies are, or should be, measuring and reporting impact 

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