The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference

Welcome to the #NewMetrics Conference

As the definition of value continues to evolve, the demand for business to demonstrate its ability to create value of various forms for all stakeholders – and not just profit for shareholders – is increasing, and the question of how this value is identified, measured and communicated becomes paramount. This 2-day, in-depth discussion with some of sustainability's top minds examined leading-edge work that is expanding the way business creates, quantifies, and manages the value it delivers through the metrics it adopts. Click here for descriptions of the three breakout discussion tracks at this year's conference.

This year's themes:

The New Metrics of Sustainable Business '13 took place September 24-25th at The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. This year, hundreds of thought-leaders and innovators are gathered together and participated in over 30 sessions placed special emphasis on five central-pillar themes:

Modeling and Communicating the ROI of Sustainability


Incentivizing Employee Engagement through Innovation in Recruiting, Compensation and Training


Creating and Measuring Shared Value throughout the Value Chain


Enabling CFOs, CEOs and other Executives to See Sustainability as Central to Core Strategy


Understanding a Growing Ecosystem of Reporting Guidelines and Performance Ratings


Who attended:

  • Sustainability teams working to expand the scope of their efforts profitably and translate relevant benefits to the CFO, CEO and the rest of the C-Suite
  • Forward-looking executives willing to hear the case for quantifying environmental and social impacts not only in voluntary disclosure, but also in ROI modeling and stakeholder engagement
  • Brand strategists and communication experts looking for intelligence on the evolution of metrics for trust, reputation and 'green' brand value, while working to embed purpose more deeply into their brands


  • Financial analysts and investors trying to make sense of competing reporting standards, a sea of performance ratings and rankings, and an exploding ecosystem of relevant data analyses
  • HR professionals interested in incentivizing pro-sustainability employee performance through innovative recruiting, compensation and capacity building
  • Product-level innovators, designers and supply chain managers in need of new tools and evidence for the value of sustainability-driven optimization, or simply inspiration to continue the journey from Revolution to Renaissance in corporate sustainability

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