Program | The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference 2013

Program | The New Metrics of Sustainable Business 2013

Here is the full program for the New Metrics of Sustainable Business 2013.

DAY 1  - Tuesday, September 24th


Welcome and Opening Remarks

KoAnn Skrzyniarz
Founder & CEO, Sustainable Brands
Where will sustainability-based differentiation come from in the near future? And what metrics do smart, fast-moving companies need to understand and utilize in order to drive ongoing competitive advantage in the context of a Renaissance in environmental and social innovation?

Opening MC Remarks

Gil Friend
Founder & CEO, Natural Logic, Inc.
How has the world of New Metrics evolved over the last two decades? Where are we and are we moving fast enough? What topics are we covering over the next two days, and why is this entire New Metrics conversation crucial to brand success?

Measuring the Core Business Benefits of a Social Value Proposition

Jason Saul
Founder & CEO, Mission Measurement
What is the difference between socially conscious consumers and consumers that respond to 'social value drivers,' and how can a company capitalize on this distinction? What is a brand's 'social value proposition,' what kinds of value does it deliver, and how do you measure that? What core business benefits can be associated with a well-positioned 'social value proposition'?

Natural Selection: The Evolution of Social Impact Metrics

Jessica Grillo
Chief Livelihoods Analyst, Evaluation & Research, Rainforest Alliance
What have decades of experience taught one of the few most successful non-profits in the space, The Rainforest Alliance, about measuring social impact? What are the next stages of this natural evolution, and how can brands derive value from what is coming?

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Break - Bodek Lounge


Next-generation Differentiated Value: The Metrics behind the Meaningful Brands Index

Amy du Pon
Global Head of Data Insights, Havas Media Group

With consumers globally indicating they wouldn't notice or miss 70% of all brands if they disappeared tomorrow, what characteristics should brands work on to qualify among Havas' most 'meaningful brands'? What aspects of social and environmental innovation get the best or fastest traction, according to the latest analysis, and how can a brand think of its 'meaningfulness' within its industry?

From Metrics, to Tactics, to Strategy: Embedding Sustainability across the Value Chain

Thomas Odenwald
Senior Vice President, SAP
When it comes to building an informed sustainability roadmap, how should a company move from metrics, to tactics, to strategy? What companies are embedding sustainability across their entire value chain, and how are they leveraging the existing system infrastructure as a central part of the solution?

Breakthroughs in HR Decision Making: New Horizons in Human Capital Valuation

Lindsay Stoda
Senior Business Analyst, Interface
How has a pioneering project in holistic human capital valuation turned from an abstract modeling exercise to a series of tools allowing corporate HR to make more informed, data-backed decisions and budget allocations? How are various components of the valuation model being used to make strategies for managing the value of different types of human capital on a practical level?

CFO-Approved: New Techniques in Modelling the ROI of Sustainability

Joseph Wolk
Vice President, Finance, Johnson & Johnson

Daniel Aronson
Leader, Sustainability Transformation & Sustainability Strategy, Deloitte
How do you quantify financial benefits from sustainability, particularly in the case of intangible benefits such as risk reduction or being seen as a leader by customers who are increasingly making sustainability part of their purchasing decisions? How do you take on the challenge of quantifying and communicating the potential financial benefits of product stewardship efforts, in a way that is well received outside of the sustainability organization, too?

Strategic Levers for Non-CEOs

Dave Stangis
Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company
Surprise! Join us and find out.

12:30 - 14:00

Lunch - Bodek Lounge

Product & Service Value

Organizational Value

Societal Value

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14:00 - 15:00

Beyond Supply Chain Scorecards: New Approaches to Elevating Supplier Responsibility

Amy Longsworth
Managing Director, Sustainable Business Solutions, PwC

Amy Hargroves
Director of Corporate Responsibility, Sprint

Is there hope for overcoming supplier survey and scorecard fatigue? Have individual leading companies' custom scorecards worked well to drive supplier sustainability, and is there a clear need to design overarching industry-level standards? What brands and other organizations are best positioned to lead such efforts, and why?

Preparing for the Push and Pull of Corporate Sustainability Reporting: One Company's Sustainability Metrics Hub

Tim Bent
Director, Environmental Affairs, Bridgestone Americas

Jeff Gowdy
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

What are the three waves of corporate sustainability reporting? How is the third wave, or the 'pull' wave, special? Why did Bridgestone spend the past year compiling publicly available sustainability metrics about itself from twelve leading sustainability reporting-related programs, initiatives, protocols and indices, for a total of 420 metrics stored in a Hub that anyone at the company will be able to access?

Getting a Grip on Context: Initial Findings of World's First Science-Based Approach to Corporate Sustainability Ratings

Mark McElroy
Founder and Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Organizations

Mike Bellamente
Director, Climate Counts

Gretchen Hancock
Project Manager, Corporate Environmental Programs, GE

Jed Richardson
Global Energy Director, Johnson & Johnson

Now that many important stakeholders, including a growing number of brands, have understood and appreciated the implications of sustainability context, what tools are best suited to assist in benchmarking against actual natural thresholds? How does the Climate Counts assessment work and why are brands getting engaged?

15:00  - 15:30

Networking Break - Bodek Lounge
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15:30 - 16:30

Mainstreaming Certification Schemes: New Frontiers in Measuring and Communicating Impact

Lara Koritzke
Director of Development and Communications, ISEAL Alliance

Mary Jo Cook
Chief Impact Officer, Fair Trade USA

Kerry Coughlin
Regional Director, Americas, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Jessica Grillo
Chief Livelihoods Analyst, Evaluation & Research, Rainforest Alliance

Etienne McManus-White
Chief Marketing Officer, Forest Stewardship Council US (FSC)

What are next steps in the evolution of key certification schemes? How are they innovating with respect to measuring the social impact of their work, and what more can be done in the near future? How can brands perfect their message to consumers through certification labels, and what is currently missing in terms of adoption and leadership?

Beyond Employee Engagement: Using New Metrics to Embed Sustainability throughout the Organization

Jeff Mendelsohn
Founder & Chair, New Leaf Paper

Rachel Parikh
Director, Sustainability, SAP

Lindsay Stoda
Senior Business Analyst, Interface

Christopher Miller
Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry's

How do companies quantify the value of successful employee engagement initiatives? What are the current best practices around incorporating tangible on-the-ground HR incentives tied to recruiting, performance assessment, compensation, and competency building? What does it take to effectively drill down objective and subjective performance criteria and goals to the level of every employee?

Measuring Shared Value throughout the Value Chain

Greg Hills
Managing Director, Shared Value Initiative / FSG

Tara Collison
Sr. Manager, Strategic Planning, Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Courtney Martin
Finance Specialist, Corporate Affairs Group, Intel

While few, if anyone, would argue against creating shared value, how do leading practitioners go about measuring and communicating it reliably? What have the most effective means of quantification been to date and where is this emerging shared value movement headed next?

16:45 - 17:45

Evening Plenary Discussion: New Metrics for Trust, Reputation and Green Brand Value

Amy du Pon
Global Head of Data Insights, Havas Media Group

Cynthia Figge
Co-Founder, CSRHub

Denis Riney
Senior Partner, Marketing, BrandLogic

David Metcalfe
CEO & Co-Founder, Verdantix

Are current leading measures of trust, reputation and brand value adequate? Up to speed with a rapidly changing landscape of stakeholders' attitudes? What co-creative efforts might assessment and data providers engage in to get to improved metrics of evolving notions of trust, reputation and brand value? How can brands stay ahead of that process?

17:45 - 19:00

Cocktail Reception - Bodek Lounge

DAY 2  - Wednesday, September 25th


Opening MC Remarks

Paul Herman
CEO + Founder, HIP Investor, Inc.
What content have we covered so far and what key lessons have we learned? Where is the conversation headed next?

Big Picture: Strategies and Metrics for Brand Value

Bill Shireman
President & CEO, Future 500
Does corporate sustainability build brand value on store shelves? Does "doing good" meaning doing well on Wall Street? That depends. The qualities that make up a brand can be almost as varied as those that make up a person. Child labor in a food brand's supply chain might be damaging, but for a toy company it could be devastating. Organic certification might be optional for bananas, but an imperative for baby food. How can companies measure and assess the risks and opportunities posed by sustainability and supply chain issues? How can they estimate the return on their social investments? Gain insights from the experiences of companies like McDonald's, Avon, Trader Joe's, Mitsubishi, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé.

The Next Frontier in Holistic Understanding and Management of Environmental Impact Data

Ory Zik
Founder & CEO, Energy Points
What opportunities are there for creating a richer, more accurate and truly unified picture of environmental impact data? What new types of analysis and respective tools can productively build on top of current corporate environmental impact management, specifically to enhance interpretation, putting results in a broader context, and make voluntary disclosure easier?

Helping Customers Help Themselves: End-to-End Net Good

Kevin Moss
Head of Net Good Program, BT
How can a brand leverage LCA analysis, both on a product and company level, to help customers reduce carbon emissions by multiple times the end-to-end carbon impact of the company's entire business? How could you go about setting a restorative Net Good goal consistent with a scenario in which society lives within the limits of the planet's resources, and how does that fit – particularly with respect to brand benefits – within a broader corporate sustainability agenda?

Internal Carbon Fees to the Rescue

Rob Bernard
Head of Sustainability, Microsoft

Bruce Rauhe
Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney

In the absence of a carbon tax or other top-down government-mandated mechanisms for sharp reduction of GHG emissions, what internal incentives could a company put in place to lead the way effectively? How do internal 'carbon budgets' work and why does it make business sense to charge business units an internal carbon fee?

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Break - Bodek Lounge


Redefining Value, Moving Markets: The Future of Sustainability Ratings

Allen White
Founder, Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR)
With over 100 organizations working on some kind of sustainability performance rating or ranking, how can companies decide which one(s) to focus on, or manage against? What key underlying principles should high-quality assessment criteria follow, and how is 'rating the raters' likely to affect the perceived value of existing ratings and rankings? What else could be done to bring about further clarity and trustworthiness to said assessments?

A Sneak Peek: A Gold-standard Benchmark for ESG Performance

Bob Willard
Thought Leader and Author, The New Sustainability Advantage
What are the key characteristics of a truly sustainable enterprise, and how can they be used to build a 'gold standard' ESG performance benchmark? How do companies need to perform on key ESG criteria, and respective KPIs, if the business world is to conform to fundamental science-based conditions required for human society to flourish on our finite planet?

Materiality, Markets and the Tower of Babel

Jeffrey Smith
Partner, Crowell & Moring

Katie Schmitz Eulitt
Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
As stakeholder interest and engagement in sustainability issues have increased, so has the level of noise and thus distraction, frustration and (occasionally) deception. Communicating sustainability is now in a crucial but difficult stage of its development. By developing industry-specific language and using signals and standards recognized by U.S. and global capital markets, can the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) bring focus and clarity?

Reigning in and Analyzing Siloed Public Data

Hicham Oudghiri
Co-Founder, Enigma
What is the current state of the quickly changing landscape of web services able to bring together and explore vast amounts of publicly available but hard-to-obtain or previously-siloed data? Is the hype around finding connections between seemingly disparate data points justified and what implications do those new horizons have for corporate sustainability and brand value?

An Alternative Macro-economic Framework: How, on Earth?

Donnie Maclurcan
Co-Founder, Post Growth Institute
Could a new economic framework founded on a not-for-profit enterprise model and transcending the current macro-economic status quo become the new normal? Could we create a system in which businesses can still make profits, but any profits are always reinvested for social or organizational benefit, rather than being accumulated privately by individuals?

Creating Shared Value and the Future of Cocoa

Andrew Harner
Global Cocoa Vice President, MARS Global Chocolate
While few, if anyone, would argue against creating shared value, how do leading practitioners go about measuring and communicating it reliably? What have the most effective means of quantification been to date and where is this emerging shared value movement headed next?

12:45 - 14:00

Lunch - Bodek Lounge

Product & Service Value

Organizational Value

Societal Value

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14:00 - 15:00

Benefits of Ambitious Sustainability Goals and Evolving Levels of Data Transparency

Don Bain
Software Evaluation Services, GHG Institute

Saleem Van Groenou
Global Environmental Initiatives Manager, HP

Kevin Moss
Head of Net Good Program, BT

Roberta Barbieri
Global Environmental Manager, Diageo

Is it wise and value-adding to announce specific bold sustainability goals without necessarily having a play-by-play road map for how you will get there? How does the value of intentionality manifest itself and how do big goals inspire big ideas? How does the voluntary release of total environmental impacts across the supply chain, operations and portfolio of products add brand value to a global company? Are the benefits of such transparency a no-brainer?

Compare and Contrast: Sustainability Performance Ratings and Rankings

Mark Tulay
Program and Organizational Development Executive, Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR)

Toby Heaps
CEO, Corporate Knights

Bob Mann
COO, Sustainalytics

Cynthia Figge
Co-Founder, CSRHub

With over 100 organizations working on some kind of sustainability performance rating or ranking, how can companies decide which one(s) to focus on, or manage against? What do the people behind some of the most popular methodologies out there worry about, and is there any order to this seemingly chaotic situation? What should brands worry about in this confusing picture?

Best-in-Class in Methodologies for Putting a Monetary Value on Social Impact

Bea Boccalandro
SROI Thought Leader, Georgetown University

Witold Henisz
Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Lise Laurin
Director & Founder, EarthShift

What are the most pragmatic methodologies for converting various measures of social impact into monetary terms? Why have 'Social ROI' models seen both ups and downs over the last several years? How are smart brands turning SROI results into powerful communications pieces?

15:00  - 15:30

Networking Break - Bodek Lounge
Room Ben Franklin Hall of Flags Golkin

15:30 - 16:30

Opportunities in Data Collection and Analysis of Purchasing Behavior

Tony Calandro
Senior Vice President and Partner, Vox Global

Joe Brewer
Founding Partner & Innovation Strategist, DarwinSF

Hicham Oudghiri
Co-Founder, Enigma
What do the latest discoveries of cognitive science have to teach us about sustainability-related attitudes and behaviors, and what do we need to measure better for more insightful analyses? What possibilities are new swaths of purchasing decision data opening up, and how can brands take advantage?

Trends and Tremors in the Sustainable Investing Landscape

Paul Herman
CEO + Founder, HIP Investor, Inc.

Bart Houlahan
Co-Founder, B Lab

Stephen J. Donofrio
VP, Partnerships & Innovation, CDP North America

Bill Baue
Corporate Sustainability Architect

Joy Poland
President, Building Bridges, LLC

What sustainability-related trends are picking up among investors, and are there reasons to believe any of these trends might see mainstream adoption? What next-level benchmarks should brands pay attention to, and why? Are the principles of fossil divestment and localization ever going to take off, or have they already?

Are We There Yet: The State of Natural Capital Valuation

Michelle Lapinski
Senior Advisor, Valuing Nature, The Nature Conservancy

Libby Bernick
Senior Vice President, North America, Trucost

Connie Hensler
Director, Corporate LCA Programs, Interface

What progress have the last 12 months seen in translating the value of natural capital in a language the business world hears loud and clear? What new tools and modeling exercises are emerging, and where can one look for a reasonable beginner-level road map?

16:45 - 17:30

Listening Session: What is Missing in the New Metrics Conversation?
Everyone speaks and everyone listens – a freestyle discussion about burning issues that somehow keep falling through the cracks.

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