About SB London 2013 Conference

About SB London 2013

Sustainable Brands is an international community of learning and action focused on understanding and leveraging the role of brands in shaping a flourishing future. The Sustainable Brands Conference is ground zero for sustainability, brand and innovation professionals who come together from around the world to be inspired, engaged and equipped to succeed by building the better brands of tomorrow, while building a network of likeminded colleagues who can help.

Hundreds of sustainable brand leaders such as Unilever, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, Philips, MARS joined us for our second year in London, to discuss how better brands will shape the future by keeping tabs on the ever-evolving playing field. The conference served as the centre of gravity for companies that are committed to leveraging sustainable innovation as a driver of business and brand value.

As organisers, our goal is to amplify current leadership and success surrounding innovation for sustainability, to educate business leaders and organisations to make smarter strategic moves, and leverage game-thinking and play, to spur creativity and innovation, customer engagement and loyalty, teamwork, and behavior change to create a more positive role in the lives of their stakeholders.

From Learning to Action

The Sustainable Brands Conference was founded on the belief that unleashing the best of our human ingenuity and innovation can change the shape of business, and with it, the world.  Our desire is to spark new ideas by connecting people from different perspectives and disciplines with each other in an optimistic, collaborative environment to create a shared vision of what's possible.

Since 2004, Sustainable Brands has been helping exemplary businesses uncover that opportunity by providing solutions to these increasing global pressures. We inspire, engage and equip over 45,000 sustainable business leaders via our events, newsletters, and website.

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What SB Attendees Say

“I’m amazed at how such a good thing can keep getting better. ”
—Coleman Bigelow, Johnson & Johnson