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Successful brands today are expected to deliver deeper value to their customers - moving toward becoming a new positive force for restoring healthy economies. What if business professionals with opposite skills and learning sets collaborated to actively reimagine what's possible? Sustainable Brands brings the system in the room for a new conversation about how formerly siloed functions and multi-stakeholder partnerships are coming together to build this resilient economy of the future.

An avalanche of trends and market drivers that set the tone.

Featured Plenaries:

Michael Dickstein
Director of Global Sustainable Development
on the intersection of brand acuity and sustainability

Lucy Carver
Director, Bigger Picture
on lessons from customer engagement and brand innovation

Markus Laubscher
Project Manager, Circular Economy
on practical next steps toward a circular economy

Phil Townsend
Sustainable Raw Materials Specialist
Marks & Spencer
on aligning customer preferences and sustainable product attributes


Dynamic sessions to help me analyze specific business issues.

Featured Breakout Sessions:

Ann Ewasechko
Global Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation in Education
on effective tools for employee engagement

Claire Bergkamp
Sustainability Manager
Stella McCartney
on evolving partnerships in deforestation and carbon offsetting

John Gardner
Chief Sustainability Officer
on the circular economy: Q&A around leading case studies

Ruth Dearnley
Stop the Traffik
on human trafficking and supply chain risk


Half day, deep dive studios to help me turn ideas into action.

Featured Workshops:

New Modes of Engagement: Telling a Sustainable Brand Story Your Customers will Listen to

After years building up sustainability credentials behind the scenes, brands are keener than ever to tell their customers about all the great work they've been doing. Problem is, most customers don't have the time or interest to listen. So how can you build brand preference and loyalty by engaging your customers on sustainability?

Bridging the Gaps between Marketing and Sustainability Teams: Insights, Case Studies and Tools from a New Study

This workshop will unveil - for the first time! - the results of a fascinating new research project Given London has been working on in collaboration with Ashridge Business School, a study that investigates opportunities for Marketing and Sustainability functions in businesses to work more closely together, and sheds light on key barriers preventing this from happening to its full potential today.

Business Model Innovation: Redesigning Value Delivery and Unlocking New Benefits in the Process

Prepare for a deep dive into emerging business model innovations that are disrupting industries while having significant positive social and/or environmental impacts. This workshop will break down 20 such innovative models in order to help attendees better understand their origins, mechanics and implications.

New Levels of Connection: Storydoing for Authenticity and Lasting Brand Value

Ty Montague has more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses build brand value through the power of stories. In this workshop, Ty and his team will define 'storydoing', dissect its importance through valuable case studies and inspire companies to look at brand strategy and communications through this new lens. Join for practical lessons on telling a powerful and motivating story through actions.

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A showcase of leadership to help me find new tools and solutions.

The Activation Hub

As more brands commit to becoming net positive contributors to the regenerative economy of tomorrow, new partners, tools and solution providers are key. Find fresh connections between companies with innovative business solutions and brand professionals looking to activate their sustainability goals into reality. 

Sitting at the pinnacle of brand innovation and sustainability, the Activation Hub gathered a broad spectrum of global business leaders committed to sharing progress that leads to greater achievement and net positive impact.


Prominent companies delivering innovative business solutions:
  • Carbon, Energy and Water Efficiency
  • Innovative Office Solutions
  • Greener Materials
  • Nature-based Product & Packaging
  • Consumer & Employee Engagement Technologies
  • Eco-Labels and Certifications

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