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Workshops are designed to help accelerate change. These half day, interactive sessions help build new skills, understand customers better and find new tools that fast-track business results. Participants found a wealth of hard information and uncovered the latest insights fundamental to advancing goals.

November 3rd, 2014

Morning Workshops | 9:00-12:00

Market Insights from Top Researchers: The Latest Intelligence on Customer Attitudes and Behavior

Ben Maxwell
Senior Strategist
Wolff Olins

Elizabeth Reiss

Eric Whan
Director, Sustainability Practice

Andy Last
Co-Founder & CEO

James Goodman
Director of Futures
Forum for the Future

Nick Liddell
Director of Strategy
Forum for the Future
In this data-rich session, top-notch researchers will share their latest insights into customer reactions to brands' sustainability promises. Each expert will present their latest findings, followed by Q&A with the audience focused on dissecting methodologies, gleaning additional insight on the spot, and identifying knowledge gaps. Expect a wealth of valuable intelligence, accompanied by a great opportunity for direct conversation with globally recognized researchers and business peers.

Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Our Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy

Simon Robinson
Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter

Maria Moraes Robinson
Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter
Confronted with rapid escalation of complexity in the world, business leaders and brand managers increasingly feel that they are no longer equipped to deal with the new economic paradigm which is emerging and being co-created. Many executives are continuing to use frameworks and methodologies designed decades ago, but this approach is no longer working. It is not always the case that we need to change our methodologies. What we need is a new way of seeing and thinking that allows us to be mindful and truly make sense of complex situations. Holonomic thinking upgrades our way of seeing by expanding our mode of consciousness from the analytical to the intuitive; one that not only is able to understand the parts of a system, but at a deeper, intuitive level of perception, is also able to understand brands as the relationships and processes within that system. This workshop will appeal to professionals who are looking to deepen their leadership skills relating to sustainability, strategy, branding, systems thinking, creativity and dialogue. It will include both powerful practical experiential exercises and case studies which practitioners can take back and implement with their own organisations and communities.

New Modes of Engagement: Telling a Brand Story Your Customers will Listen to

Daianna Karaian
Head of Brand Strategy

Stuart Duncan,
Marketing Manager
After years building up sustainability credentials behind the scenes, brands are keener than ever to tell their customers about all the great work they've been doing. Problem is, most customers don't have the time or interest to listen. So how can you build brand preference and loyalty by engaging your customers on sustainability? It starts with listening to them, gaining insight into their needs, wants, cares and concerns. And using that knowledge to tell a sustainability story that's simple, memorable and compelling. This hands-on workshop will show you how to do just that.

Afternoon Workshops | 1:30-4:30

Bridging the Gaps between Marketing and Sustainability Teams: Insights, Case Studies and Tools from a New Study

James Payne
Strategy Director
Given London

David Hawksworth
Creative Director
Given London

Becky Willan
Managing Director
Given London
This workshop will unveil - for the first time! - the results of a fascinating new research project Given London has been working on in collaboration with Ashridge Business School, a study that investigates opportunities for Marketing and Sustainability functions in businesses to work more closely together, and sheds light on key barriers preventing this from happening to its full potential today. Leveraging in-depth interviews with marketing and sustainability leaders, a quantitative ranking of leading brands, as well as case studies of top-ranking brands, this session will deliver new thought leadership on how Marketing and Sustainability can bridge their gaps. Perhaps most importantly, it will also highlight practical tools to help marketing and sustainability professionals find greater synergies, faster.

Business Model Innovation: Redesigning Value Delivery and Unlocking New Benefits in the Process

Matt Loose

Zoë Arden
Prepare for a deep dive into emerging business model innovations that are disrupting industries while having significant positive social and/or environmental impacts. This workshop will break down 20 such innovative models in order to help attendees better understand their origins, mechanics and implications. From producing on demand, to rematerialization, to inclusive sourcing, to building entire new marketplaces, to differential pricing – this workshop has it all. Explore SustainAbility's brilliant work and uncover the latest insights on business model innovation for sustainability.

New Levels of Connection: Storydoing for Authenticity and Lasting Brand Value

Ty Montague
True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business

Conrad Lisco
Head of Community Experience
co: collective
Ty Montague has more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses build brand value through the power of stories. Named one of the "50 most influential creatives in the past 20 years" by Creativity Magazine, he solidified his reputation as an innovator in that field. In his recent book, True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business, he defines a new approach, something he calls 'storydoing.' In this workshop, Ty and his team will define 'storydoing', dissect its importance through valuable case studies and inspire companies to look at brand strategy and communications through this new lens. Join for practical lessons on telling a powerful and motivating story through actions.

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