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The Sustainable Brands team has assembled this series of Top Collections from our ever-expanding Library. Our goal is to equip you with the best-practice methodologies and research insights by guiding you through our content. If you have an idea for a new Top Collection you’d like us to pull together let us know.

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Times are changing. Millennials are both demanding and creating socially responsible brands. A shift to a sustainable economy seems inevitable to courageous optimists in the Sustainable Brands community, though the pace of progress is less than ideal. In order to equip our readers with vision and practical tools alike, we have compiled a list of Top Sustainability Books. Discover the favorite sustainability authors of our global community. The list covers anything from older, well-known books like Biomimicry, Natural Capitalism and Cradle to Cradle, to more recent influential books including The Responsible Entreprenuer, Flourishing Enterprise, Corporate Diplomacy and The Big Pivot. Get inspired, feel engaged and become equipped to succeed in today's fast-changing world.

1] Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, by Janine Benyus

2] Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

3] Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries, by John Marshall Roberts

4] Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand, by Kellie McElhaney

5] Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins

6] Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy To Innovate, Create Value and Build Competitive Advantage, by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston

7] The Truth About Green Business, by Gil Friend

8] Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, by Al Gore

9] Beautiful and Abundant, by Bryan Welch

10] The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World, by Paul Herman

11] The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding by Jacquelyn Ottman

12] We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World by Simon Mainwaring

13] The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business, by Umair Haque

14] Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

15] Goodvertising by Thomas Kolster

16] Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis, by Malcolm Harris and Neal Gorenflo

17] Shopping for Good, by Dara O'Rourke

18] The New Sustainability Advantage: Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line, by Bob Willard

19] The Way Out: Kick-Starting Capitalism To Save Our Economic Ass, by Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen

20] The Zeronauts: Breaking the Sustainability Barrier, by John Elkington

21] Business Is Beautiful: The Hard Art of Standing Apart, by Jean-Baptiste Danet, Nick Liddell, Lynne Dobney, and Dorothy MacKenzie

22] Can’t Buy Me Like by Doug Levy

23] Engaging Outraged Stakeholders: A How-To Guide for Uniting the Left, Right, Capitalists and Activists by Bill Shireman, Erik Wohlgemuth and Danna Pfah

24] Flourishing: A Frank Conversation About Sustainability by John R. Ehrenfeld

25] The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet, by Ramez Naam

26] The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability — Designing for Abundance by William McDonough & Michael Braungart

27] True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business by Ty Montague

28] Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs

29] The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, by Al Gore

30] Corporate Diplomacy by Witold Henisz

31] Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter by Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson

32] The Big Pivot by Andrew Winston

33] The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil by Christine Bader

34] The Responsible Entrepreneur by Carol Sanford

35] The Breakthrough Challenge: 10 Ways to Connect Today's Profits With Tomorrow's Bottom Line, by John Elkington, Jochen Zeitz, Sir Richard Branson

36] Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business, by Chris Laszlo, Judy Brown, John Ehrenfeld, Mary Gorham, Ilma Barros-Pose, Linda Robson, Roger Saillant, Dave Sherman, Paul Werder

37] The Age of Sustainable Development, by Jeffrey D. Sachs

38] Developing Sustainable Supply Chains to Drive Value, by Robert Sroufe and Steven Melnyk

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TOP SB TALKS 2008-2013
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1] Clorox - Leveraging Environmental Sustainability to Drive Growth with Bill Morrissey

2] Engaging Your Workforce to Build Your Brand - Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation

3] A Global Look Into the Future of Sustainability - Mark Lee

4] World of Good & Ebay - Leveraging the Power of Partnership to Create a Global Brand

5] GAP Inc Environmental Sustainability and Building a Credible Brand

6] The Evolutionary Benefits of Altruism - Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley

7] SunChip's Sustainable Brand Journey: Thinking Outside (And About) the Bag!

8] Insights into New Consumer Segments: Moms and Millennials - Diane MacEachern

9] The 4th R: Reinvention and Your Sustainable Brand - California Academy of Sciences

10] Empathy in Business & Brands Yields Strong Affinity - Dev Patnaik

11] The Story of Timberland EarthKeepers

12] The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts

13] From Corporate Responsibility to Responsible Profit - Jason Saul

14] Culture Shifts and Brands - Tom LaForge, Coca Cola

15] Life Box: Plantable Packaging Assisted by Fungi - Paul Stamets

16] Nike Better World

17] Innovating Philanthropy: Panera's Pay What You Can Stores

18] The Business Value of Fun

19] Building in Happiness: How Values and Culture Matter

20] Leveraging Innovation: Lessons in Bringing Sustainable Packaging to Market

21] Rethinking the Game: Defining a New Purpose for Business

22] "Glocalization": How Starbucks is Leveraging Local with Its Global Brand

23] Go Further: Behind Ford's No Logo Campaign

24] Revolutionizing Our Global Economic Systems

25] A Revolution in Product Design

26] Engaging the Whole for Transformative Change

27] A Creative Brand Approach to an Unrecognized Problem

Top 10 SB Talks of 2013

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