Corporate Member Network

Companies who are not embedding sustainability at the core of their business strategy today will no longer be relevant tomorrow. Companies who are will be the successful leading brands of the next economy.

The Sustainable Brands Member Network is the leading peer-to-peer, learning and networking group designed to support brands in meeting their sustainability goals and ultimately becoming leaders of the next sustainable economy. Below are brands that have acted on this commitment and joined the SB Corporate Member Network.

SB Membership is not a certification of a brand's sustainability. Rather, it's a commitment by that brand to progressively become more sustainable as a business. Members commit to publishing a materiality assessment and reporting how they are reducing negative environmental, social and ethical impact over time.

The Corporate Member Network provides a forum for members to learn from one another and challenge each other to continually improve. We believe this community support and accountability is valuable and helps propel each member to become a more sustainable brand.

For more information, feel free to review our Corporate Member Guidelines.

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