Sustainable Brands Corporate Membership

Companies who are not embedding sustainability at the core of their business strategy today will no longer be relevant tomorrow. Companies who are, will be the successful leading brands of the next economy.

The Sustainable Brands Membership is the leading peer to peer, learning and networking group designed to support brands in meeting their sustainability goals and ultimately become those leaders of the next sustainable economy.

Read the SB Corporate Member Guidelines to understand what it means to be part of the SB Corporate Member Network.

SB Corporate Membership – Your Tribe Awaits!

Membership Benefits:

  • Solve problems, learn and collaborate with industry leaders at private member meetings and ​the​ collaborative workshops.
  • Utilize the incredible learning and educational resources for your ​organization.
  • Communicate your company's sustainability stories, CSR Reports, press releases via Sustainable Brands media channels.
  • Bring your teams to learn and network at the SB Conferences using the free member tickets.
  • Key areas of focus include, Employee Engagement, Communications, Consumer Behavior, Making the Business Case and Innovating for Sustainability.

Members include these Brands

Membership Levels







Complimentary Tickets

1 ticket

2 tickets

3 tickets

8 tickets

Discounted tickets, unlimited

15% discount

20% discount

25% discount

30% discount


Unlimited uploads to the Member Newsroom

Brand Hub & logo visibility

Custom Media
SB written & distributed case study or other content marketing piece on topic of choice - see examples

10% discount

20% discount

CSR/Sustainability Report Review - see examples

10% discount

20% discount

Concierge Service
Custom research, training/advisory support, internal meeting speaker recruitment - see examples

10% discount

8 hrs

12 hrs

16 hrs


Access to private Forum, Library and Newsletter


Member Meetings (seats per year)

4 seats

8 seats

12 seats

16 seats


$15,000 $25,000 $33,000 $50,000


Contact Us

To become a member and learn more how a Sustainable Brands Membership can help you meet your company's sustainability goals, please contact us at [email protected].

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